Saying Goodbye to the Fifth Generation Norns

Finding a Bit of Laughter in Creatures 1If there was ever a Norn who learned how to truly live life in her twilight hour, it was Zelroo! She had already eaten everything and gotten herself into a little trouble. She was such a happy old lady, and it made me laugh when I saw her dancing next to the ball! It was like she wanted to try bouncing along with it, so she settled on the next best thing. Zelroo was still very much into eating anything, which was why the herbs were struggling to keep up with her appetite. I was happy for her: Never had I seen such an independent Norn! The only thing missing was a companion, yet she was happy enough hanging out with me, otherwise known as the annoying hand!

The Last Female Norn in a GenerationInevitably, the end came to pass for Zelroo. At 11 hours and 1 minute old, her time was up. Even though she was a first generation Norn to add some genetic diversity to this group, it still felt like she traced her origins back to the very beginning. From a genetic standpoint, she was a successful Norn with four unhatched eggs. In many other ways, Zelroo was an amazing Norn that I would miss. She was the last female, so there were no more babies to look forward to. I thanked her for her restraint, though, since she could have gone overboard with Thrennion! All I could do was to bid her farewell and hope that she would rest in peace with her old friends.

Bidding Farewell to a Constant in Creatures 1At this point, I decided to check up on my Grendel, Dahloi. His recent adventure hadn’t exactly worked out, and I panicked when I couldn’t find him. It turned out he traveled around the settlement all on his own! Since he was stationed near the projector, I turned it on to give him a lovely slideshow of Albia. And then it happened. Just as I got to the slide of the sky, Dahloi passed away. I didn’t get his exact age, but he lived for somewhere in the vicinity of 24 hours. Losing him felt odd, because he had been around from the very beginning. He lived through every Norn birth, and nearly every death. He suffered the early loss of his beloved, Nildeleer, and never quite got over her. May they be together again, and forever. Farewell, Dahloi.

The Last Death in Albia for This GenerationDespite the quick end to this generation, I was still surprised when Thrennion took his last breath just a short time later. It was nice that he didn’t have to go on alone for a long time, but his death signaled the close of this fifth generation. At 12 hours and 57 minutes old, Thrennion was easily the longest lived of his peers! He had some challenges along the way, but he managed to throw me a bunch of smiles and lend his genetics to four unborn children. Suddenly, Albia was empty… And I was both excited to move on, and a little sad. This generation lasted for over a year in real time, and there would be no more following along with their lives. Of course there was the future, but I would still miss my Norns and Grendels.

One last reminder that Creatures 1 world updates will be on hold so I can devote a good amount of time to fixing up the Norn sprites and body data! This project is something I want to finish, so all of my usual C1 time will be spent working on it. We’ll still meet the sixth generation of these Norns in the future, although I may do some genetic engineering to update a few genes. There will be plenty of new Norns to meet in the future, and lots of other new updates along the way!

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