Original Creatures Font for C3/DS

The trouble with working on a secret Creatures project is keeping it a secret! I originally planned to hold off on the release until the end of the week, but once everything looked like it was working, there was no need to delay. I am pleased to present the Original Creatures Font for C3/DS! This nifty set of image files replaces the existing font in Creatures 3 and/or Docking Station with the familiar font from Creatures 1 and Creatures 2! Quite a perfect fit for playing with C1toDS or C2toDS with more original elements!

Some may wonder how I went about transferring over the font, since there is no way to open up the font file in Creatures 1 or Creatures 2. I started with some screenshots, and created hundreds of bitmaps from there. The only special characters in the original font were a few punctuation marks. Does this mean that the new font isn’t able to handle special characters? Nope! I went ahead and recreated every character to match it up with what was already existing in the standard C3/DS font. And after creating 224 image files for one of the font images, I repeated the process all over again for the different colors. It was actually quite fun and challenging!

Download the C3/DS Original Creatures Font

Please be aware that this font is quite different, and isn’t for everyone. It is smaller and thinner, and is copied directly from Creatures 1. There are a couple of slightly altered lowercase letters, and those with long tails (g, p, q, and y) are aligned a bit differently. I tried making the characters taller… And that was just a mess!

Anyone who would like to use this new font is advised to test it out in a new world before deciding whether to use it. It takes some getting used to, although it’s a nice change from the very thick and industrial type of font normally found in C3/DS. Feel free to share your opinions! Did you try it out and enjoy it, or was it a disaster? All feedback is welcome!

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