A Unique Consideration in a New Albia

One of the elements of starting a new Creatures world often goes unmentioned, even though it can be rather important. It takes some time to set everything up perfectly, before the sudden storm of Norns flies by to devour everything! What I speak of is the naming scheme for a Creatures world. Not everyone has one, but for those of us who do, it can be an agonizing process to begin with. I finally had some time to start my new Creatures 1 generation, and I ended up finding the perfect naming scheme instead. To date, the Owner’s Kit has seen all sorts of names, ranging from scientific bird names to famous literary characters. I enjoy having names that are related to one another in some way. For this next generation of Norns and Grendels, they will sport special names derived from a fictitious language from a certain book. What is it? Time will reveal all! Names are not vitally important, yet I prefer to give everyone unique names that will be remembered. Sometimes, though, a Norn named Bob is the perfect choice!

The stage is finally set! I received an amazing updated genome from a very kind member of the Creatures community. Suffice to say that this generation may or may not start off with Norns… All of the secrecy and anonymity will be unveiled when we get to meet the first inhabitants of the new, glitch-free Albia! How long will that last? Hopefully this will be the record for the smoothest world. I apologize for all of the unexpected delays: Everything is now back on track!

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