Taking and Giving Names in Creatures

A Look at the Naming Schemes at Discover AlbiaOne of the first events in a Norn’s life is something that affects him or her forever, yet it can range from being a simple task to one of the most perplexing. What event is this? Choosing a name! It sounds easy, just like scrolling around Creatures 1 should be, but many of us struggle to find the perfect names. I covered most of these naming themes a short time ago, but this generation of Creatures 1 Norns have a few new members with interesting names. This also reminds me that I’ll need to figure out a new list for the next generation fairly soon… Hopefully I’ll choose wisely!

Lapine Language Names

For those who are curious, these continue to come from Bits’n’Bob-stones, inspired by Watership Down! I even included the upcoming names of the two unhatched Norns as a bit of an early surprise. Nothing really matches up with Albia, although I still love these names and the meanings behind them! However, I do believe that the next generation will use something entirely different so we continue to have some diversity… At least in the naming sense!

  • Mayth: Oak
  • Pathun: Bluebell
  • Pfeffablel: Cat paw
  • Preetar: Hedge
  • Thrennion: Rowan berry
  • Zelroo: Little claw

The Art of Choosing a Norn NameA Norn’s name is something that sticks with him or her for life, provided it isn’t changed. This also goes for all of the other species! The name is often the first word a Creature learns, and it is a unique pattern of syllables that one (almost) never forgets.

Just out of curiosity, is there any sort of desire for a resource with names to use within Creatures, organized by theme? I would be happy to put something together with other ideas, not just limited to the ones I’ve used over the years. I have some plans in the works to expand other parts of Discover Albia, and this is something I thought of. Would it be useful to have a collection of themed names together in one place? Or are there enough Creatures name lists already?

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