The Next New Hope for Albia

At the start of Creatures 1, Albia lies in peaceful wait for its first inhabitants. There are no immediate dangers, yet there is no hope for change without the first Norn egg. It is easy to forget about the prologue that creates the setting for Albia, since the Shee have long since disappeared. Yet they somehow knew that someone would come along to discover their world and nurture the unborn Norns. All it takes is one egg to breath life into Albia and create hope for the next generation of Norns. After much deliberation, since the first choice holds so much meaning, a spotted blue egg found its way from the confines of the hatchery to the mysterious new world.

I held my breath in anticipation while the incubator enveloped the shining egg with warmth. Although her gender was already known, my mind raced with questions about who she would be and what she would look like. The very first Norn is almost always guaranteed to be a part of the gene pool, since selective breeding occurs later on. Although a Norn’s genetics determine a large part of their behaviors, each one still has a unique personality. I hoped more than anything that this new inhabitant of Albia would possess the characteristics of a leader ready to revitalize the Norn population. There was an enormous bit of responsibility about to fall into this baby Norn’s hands. Could she handle the pressure? The future was literally in her grasp, and she had yet to take her first breath!

After a time that felt like hours, a bright-eyed Horse Norn made her way out of the shell she had known for so long. In a tribute to part of the inspiration behind Creatures, I decided to name all of the Norns and Grendels with names taken from Norse mythology. In true fashion, it took me some time to go through the list and find a fitting name for the first Norn. She will be known as Freya, which is a modern adaptation of Freyja, who was a goddess associated with beauty, love, fertility, war, and death. In essence, she represents the connected life cycles of all Norns, where new life and death are forever intertwined. Barely able to stand much higher than the floor, Freya took in the new sights and sounds of her new home, while I fell in love with her and imagined all the possibilities of where life could take her.

It took just a few moments before I realized that Freya was exactly the type of Norn I had hoped for. She was intrigued with my presence, and learned my name with ease. Although her first journey in a life was exhilarating and a bit frightening, Freya was very calm and quiet. She showed interest in the lift controls, but decided that my suggestion to investigate the learning computer would be more productive. Nothing dashes my hopes more than a Norn who only wants to travel up and down in a life! Freya took a great interest to her vocabulary lesson!

After a lot of mental stimulation, it was no surprise that Freya would need a short rest. She laid down quietly, soaking in all the knowledge she had gained in such a condensed period of time. This was another positive sign: A Norn who decides to rest shows that she can independently care for herself. It looked boring, yet I was completely ecstatic!

Rather than following the already known path, Freya examined the teleporter in detail. Naturally, her curiosity led her through it, taking us both into the plentiful garden. I find it interesting that the Shee left such a sophisticated device among seemingly archaic bamboo lifts! Another mystery which adds to the intrigue. Freya was very happy when she came across a small group of juicy carrots just waiting for her to pluck up and eat. She was convinced they had been placed there for her sole benefit. Maybe they were…

As with most young Norns, Freya loved finding out how tasty honey is! I would like to make note of her very attentive attitude, and how she has never failed to listen. Even while playing with several toys for the first time, she immediately followed me around to expand her vocabulary regarding the clock and oven. Even my suggestion to take a little rest after such a long romp proved fruitful, as she curled up with her favorite honey pot! Those bees better be prepared to churn out their honey faster than ever!

Sure enough, Freya let her heavy lids close as she headed off to the land of Norn dreams. She also laid down in the perfect spot to capture some of the sun’s rays, or perhaps she knew that I was looking for a final photo! I adore this golden haired lady and have such high hopes for her. She is intelligent, adventurous, and independent: A natural born leader. I hate to take my undivided attention away from Freya when the next Norn is hatched, but I have a feeling she can take care of herself. Using Slink’s Digital-DNA Analyzer, I discovered that Freya has two mutations. I am not positive how to interpret this data, although I have some sort of idea. Any thoughts would be most appreciated!


Chemical reactions define rules for individual chemicals and chemical combinations. These genes can also state the rules for how chemicals are used up, and each reaction has a defined half-life to determine how often it occurs.

Mutation: 58 2 0 Emb B MutDupCut 1*NFP++ + 3*NONE => 1*NFP + 1*Punishment; half-life = 8
Default: 58 2 0 Emb B MutDupCut 1*NFP++ + 1*NONE => 1*NFP + 1*Punishment; half-life = 8


Chemical half-lives define the decay rate of each chemical. In the absence of any reactions, a half-life defines how long a chemical will remain. Half-lives can range from fractions of a second to an entire lifetime.

Mutation: 1 1 0 Emb B MutDup SexDrive++ 80 Dancing 253
Default: 1 1 0 Emb B MutDup SexDrive++ 64 Dancing 255

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