The Final First Generation Surprise

The day started off with Valborg in an awful mood: I had to separate him from the group and find a bit of food for him. Before he had a chance to eat, though, he headed down to the deathcap mushroom and was suddenly extremely excited! I was completely confused about yet enough Norn showing an unusual liking for the deadly plant. I stayed close to Valborg, afraid that he would decide to eat the colorful mushroom over his carrot. Fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult to corral him into the lift and move him to a safer area. Norns can be sneaky, but many players can outwit them any day of the year!

Albia had a little Christmas in July celebration! This little Santa Norn’s name is Nordis, pronounced [NOR-dis], which is Norse for Northern woman. She quickly mastered the basic vocabulary words, and then raced off to investigate the jungle. Bera enjoyed acting like a child again as she shared the ball with the newest member of Creatures 1. The complete Santa Norn sprites can be found at Norn Holiday, which includes the full life cycle for both males and females. Nordis would be the very last first generation Norn, which was a bittersweet sentiment.

Dagny was the next Norn to reach old age. Arik still had not become an elder, though! Part of the reason why Nordis was introduced was the fact that many of the females had begun to lose their fertility. Although there were nearly enough second generation eggs, I still wanted to ensure a diverse genetic pool. Apparently Dagny wasn’t quite finished, though! On a romantic boat ride across the gentle ocean, Ranulf had his very first successful kiss pop. Old age can’t hold back these Norns! Dagny was quite pleased with herself for not succumbing to the wrinkles.

Although not pictured in many of the updates, Keir has been playing an important role in the game. Oddly enough, even with plenty of opportunities to leave the island, he has never ventured beyond its shores. Kari was very impressed, and even chose the beach as the location to lay her egg! The Norns seem to have become accustomed to Keir as a quiet Grendel who enjoys the company of only one or two creatures at a time. As one of the better eaters, I almost wish he could pass along his genetics into the Norn gene pool! Never have I seen his life force fall below 70%, and he has also never caught an illness. Perhaps Grendels are smarter than Norns in many ways, but the Shee made them out to be monsters to hide their intelligence. We know the truth about Grendels in Creatures 1!

It would not be long before life came around full circle for some of the oldest Norns. I desperately hoped that some of the creatures would be able to meet their children, yet Albia was already fairly crowded with 12 Norns and a Grendel. Maybe the generations would need to be completely separated, yet each and every original creature would live on, in one way or another.

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