Tribute to a Special Creatures 1 Grendel

It was a miracle! Keir finally ventured into the garden and incubator area so that he could use the learning computer. It wasn’t necessary, however! He nailed every word except for good (yes), bad (no), and what. All of the Norns had played a role in teaching him the language! He looked quite bored with my antics, as if to point out how intelligent he had been all along. Keir has always been full of pleasant surprises. There were a few other treasures to explore and experience: What creature doesn’t enjoy burning themselves?! Keir virtually ran away after that. The desert island certainly seemed like a much safer place! He made the wise decision to distance himself from the fire.

My hard work paid off! It took a lot of lift rides and a fair share of carrots, but Valborg and Nordis had an egg on the way in no time. They seemed to be very proud of themselves! Nordis took a well deserved rest, while Valborg decided to do some kind of stop-and-freeze dance to mark the occasion. Well, he is old after all! I couldn’t expect him to bust out some fancy moves! I was pleased that Ranulf would not be the father of all of the final eggs. The second generation will most likely still have siblings and half-siblings kiss popping, but the gene pool is relatively deep.

The happy Santa Norn traveled across the ocean a few times before deciding to lay her egg in just about the same spot where it was conceived. This picture makes it look like Nordis was attempting to kick Keir in the face! On the contrary, she was happy to have the Grendel with her. Keir has been a bit of a solitary recluse, yet every Norn, at some point, has come in contact with him. Valborg disappeared after Nordis became pregnant, as it seems to go with most Norns. The females don’t seem to mind, though: It’s just a fact of Albian life. Keir watched over the egg for a little bit, as if to make sure that nothing happened to it. This was one of the first eggs he had actually seen.

It wasn’t too long before Ingelill and Kari escaped the desert island for a moment and met up with Nordis and Keir. All seemed well, until I noticed, with a heavy heart, that Keir had passed away. He had always been a kind and gentle Grendel: Honeypots had been taken from his hands, yet he often retaliated with a kiss or two. I was glad that he had taken a few journeys away from the desert island, so that he could experience it all. Although I was unable to find his exact age, he lived for about 12 hours and 30 minutes. I sent Keir across the ocean on his own so he could forever be a part of his beloved island. I hoped he would rest peacefully forever.

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