Peace and Quiet in Albia

I apologize for my lack of activity over the past month. My dog became ill towards the middle of September, and took a serious turn for the worse in the beginning of October. Sadly, we had to put her down last week. She lived a long life: She would have been fourteen in January, and her breed typically only lives to about eleven or twelve years. It has been a difficult time for me, since I grew up with her and always had her around. In the end, it was clear that she was suffering. I had planned on turning to Creatures for a little bit of comfort, but I needed a little time to stay away from anything related to death. Rest in peace, Skittles.

Although the light remained constant, it certainly seemed like nighttime on the desert island! Innhavet, Forvika, Bolga, and Erikstad happily headed off to dreamland all at once. I was almost certain that another Norn was hidden amongst the crowd, although it was impossible to sort through the tangle of Norns! To have a peaceful moment with so many creatures about was absolutely amazing. Getting one Norn to fall asleep is difficult enough! This event was virtually unheard of. It must have been an invisible nighttime in Albia, which actually does happen.

Husby laid her egg quite contentedly, and then proceeded to stay right near the piano player. Funny how some Norns seem to stay in one spot for a long period of time. She had found this location to be quite cold and boring at one point. Soon enough, Husby decided that the music might be able to respond to her verbal cues. I had grown weary of the same tune, as well! I went in on a stealth mission and stopped the music, careful not to dash Husby’s hopes. She was quite excited about the peaceful sound of nothing more than her heartbeat!

I have some projects I hope to work on and finish up very soon. One of these involves something for the 2011 CCSF that I have put off until just about the last minute. There will also be more updates from Creatures 1, as well as some more studies into genetics! Make sure to check back in the upcoming days!

Update: Silly me confused Husby with Leira! Husby did in fact lay her egg near the piano player, but she headed off shortly thereafter. Leira should be the one credited with the hilarious antics!

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