A Meet and Greet with the Genetics Team

Meet Denny D. Rite, resident genetics expert! His knowledge spans across many areas, and he will have a strong presence throughout most of the tutorials and lessons. Denny will be the main guide and host, with plenty of information to share. Word has it that he has a talent for silly poetry and sayings from time to time… No one is more prepared to laugh at his jokes than he is! Hopefully these silly things will be useful in learning about genetics!

The next member of the team is Lucas Locus, a neurologist and general brain expert. He will be joining us for the complicated topics related to brain lobes, state variable rules, and the like. Lucas is a fairly quiet Grendel, and may only pop in with a few words, although his charts and graphs collection is quite impressive. Don’t let that bony stump fool you: Lucas is easily one of the most agile Grendel neurologists around! Well, maybe he’s the only one…

Our bright and cheerful gene properties specialist is Anna Log! Her studies have guided her into the realm of different gene properties, ranging from the differences in analog and digital features, to significance values and reaction rates. Anna will drop by from time to time in order to explain tricky gene properties, and also to offer some helpful hints and tips! She certainly enjoys what she does, and looks forward to sharing her knowledge.

No team could be complete without twin siblings: Say hello to Emmi Ter and Emmit Ter! Emmi is our organ and body expert, and she will step in to explain special characteristics about these areas. Emmit is a specialist in chemicals, and he possesses important information about what different chemicals are and what they can do. Together, these twins will also demonstrate the important links between chemical receptors, emitters, and more!

Last, but certainly not least, is Gene Gnome! This little Ettin is the disasters and experiments master: He always knows just what to do to make a mess out of any gene! Luckily, this also makes Gene adept at fixing genetic problems, from the tiniest mutation to the most devastating disorder. Get ready for an interesting and somewhat terrifying genetics journey with him!

This team of six will guide us through many genetics tutorials and lessons. I have a pretty good idea of what will be the most useful, but keep in mind that the first few entries will be simple, slow, and short. No sense diving into brain mechanics when some of us have never even used the Genetics Kit before! As always, comments and suggestions are welcome at any point. I look forward to having fun learning about genetics with everyone!

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