An Itty Bitty Update About Creatures 4

An eternity of waiting for Creatures 4 news paid off today! Well, sort of. Fishing Cactus released a Micro Creatures 4 Update today. Don’t expect a huge amount of information, but know that Fishing Cactus is working with Big Ben “to determine what info we can actually release to you in the coming weeks.” Naturally, I wanted screenshots and videos as of yesterday! It’s exciting to know that June 2012 is just around the corner: Hard to believe that the development of Creatures 4 was announced about a year ago! Although I know many of us continue to wait on the edge of our seats, perhaps the final line of the update summed up everything perfectly: “Be patient!” That’s about the hardest thing to do at thing point. Ha ha! Good luck Fishing Cactus! Creatures 4 was renamed Creatures Online in 2013.

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