Experimenting with C3/DS Pigments

Inspired by Darby’s wolfling run, along with KittyTikara’s Colorific Mermaid Norns, I’ve been working on incorporating Ylukyun’s Colortrue Norns with Spykkie’s Pearl Mermaid Norns. If it isn’t painfully obvious, this isn’t exactly a very unique idea! However, sometimes seeing the finished works of others helps with the learning process. A few searches resulted in me stumbling across something amazing to test pigments!

See the screenshot above? Those Creatures actually aren’t Creatures at all… Simply an agent to help with testing out all sorts of pigment changes. I figured I would be going through the tedious process of changing individual genes in the Genetics Kit and having to inject Norn after Norn to find the right color combination. Granted, this agent only features images of the official breeds. However, talk about a quick way to test! The agent is called the Color Test. This also brought my attention to a CAOS command I had never encountered before. Granted, I rarely use CAOS and still find simple commands exciting! All the same, the code goes something like this:

targ hots tint 000 000 000 000 000

000 – Amount of red pigment
000 – Amount of green pigment
000 – Amount of blue pigment
000 – Pigment rotation
000 – Pigment swap

Suffice to say I’ve been going rather crazy with trying out different combinations! Although the Pearl Mermaid Norns are not included, this still provides a great basis for getting an idea of what different colors will look like. My only complaint about the Color Test agent is its image used in the agent injector… Talk about a headache! I should note that the above CAOS command works separate from this agent, but coloring a snotrock doesn’t really say much about how the color choice will translate onto Norns, Grendels, and Ettins in Creatures 3/Docking Station!

With a few more commands, the models can quickly be changed. My only other piece of advice is to write down the color combinations, as I myself forgot to note the codes I used. The Civet Norn here looks rather interesting… I suppose that’s all part of the creative process! The plan is to release the Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norns this week, although that might turn into next week due to the US holiday. These pigments top the best fireworks, right? Ha!

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