Rip Van Winkle, Creatures Style

For some reason, the time slipped through my fingers this summer. Creatures took a backseat ride while I rushed through many other obligations, which led to many long naps spent in folders! Fortunately, I managed to enjoy a little time in Creatures 1… Only to find Cotinga taking one of those naps. There was something unusual about her, though, and something that had not yet happened to any other Norn of this generation. Cotinga was pregnant! It had taken several hours for this to happen, yet it was well worth the wait. Only one question remained, and it was pretty important…

The question was immediately answered when I spotted a rather joyful Blackcap nearby. I initially took his expression as one of joy, yet I thought I detected a hint of nervousness. There weren’t any actual responsibilities that came with being a daddy Norn. I wasn’t about to let Blackcap off the hook that easily, though! It seemed worthwhile for him to stick with Cotinga for a little bit. The least he could do was to ensure that she didn’t get lonely. With so many Norns in adulthood, I promptly decided that it was nearly time to add another disaster to the mix. Junco was still failing to eat, though… Maybe I had enough work on my hands to last a long time!

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