Mechanical Beginnings in Docking Station

The technological world I had planned for C3/DS took a backseat ride while I spent some time in Creatures 2, but the final preparations were finally completed! I removed a few agents in an attempt to avoid the extreme lagginess I encountered in a test world. Nearly everything remained the same, though. I named the world Machinarium after the game I enjoyed so much. Although not entirely the same atmosphere, this world certainly has a mechanical steampunk edge to it! No puzzles to solve, although these Gaius will likely be challenging enough!

The stage was set… All it came down to was waiting for the eggs to hatch. These sprites were not quite mechanical in nature, although they served the purpose well enough! I had a fun naming theme about to begin. The newborn Gaius should be a rather nice surprise, as they are the Colortrue Gaius with unique colors. Naturally, I found this a perfect time to create some suspense prior to the CCSF 2013! Expect to see a release of eight colors during the festival in November!

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