Sneak Peek at a New World Concept

My recent inspiration for a new world concept has kept me quite busy these past few days! Finding agents that fit in with the theme has been challenging at times, but I managed to successfully put together a world filled with technological life. I decided to create a fairly short video with a tour of the main area of the world. I still have many details to work out and some elements may change, yet I hope this might spark some interest in a Creatures theme that doesn’t get as much attention! I simply adore all of the Garden Box patch plants and the abundance of natural agents: This is just one way to think outside of the box and, perhaps, inspire some to enjoy another side of Creatures!

Previewing a Creatures Docking Station World Concept

Random’s Room (Random)
Gaius Breed Pack (Ghosthande)
Portal Object Pack (Ghosthande)
Elevines (Amaikokonut)
Metallophagus Grendel V2 Breed Pack (Grendel Man)
Dustdevil Grendel Breed Pack (Ghosthande)
Dummy Portal (Malkin)
Interporter (Mugendai)
Botanoid (AquaShee and Moe)
Heater (Moe)
Roamer (Emmental)
Magic Words Room Edits (Amaikokonut)
Garden Box (Amaikokonut)
Round Windows (Amaikokonut)

Some agents from the currently unavailable Creatures Mall breed packs are also shown, though the list above should cover the majority of the agents and elements. Feel free to post any questions, or let me know if I forgot to list anything!

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