Wading Through Aquatilis Caverna

A Population Issue with Aquatic EelsWith spring finally starting to warm up my corner of the world, I jumped into even more planning for my underwater C3/DS world. I was rather concerned about what would slow things down tremendously… And after leaving a bunch of metarooms running for awhile, I found one of the culprits! In Aquatilis Caverna 2, there was a literal attack of the eels. They were absolutely everywhere! I discovered that beaching them did nothing for population control: One eel swam around the agent injector room, and another just flailed about on the floor of the Norn Meso. Yikes! These were genuine underwater monsters who could thrive under any circumstances.

A Family of Creatures ShrimpIt took me quite some time before I found one of the necessary patches for Aquatilis Caverna 2, the Aquatilis Caverna Plant Patch 3.1. It fixed a couple of important issues. Most valuable was the fact that there was no sudden lagging while testing, which was a very important feature for me! I even got to meet some of the interesting shrimp from the metaroom, including several different varieties. It looked more and more like I was going to incorporate some part of Aquatilis Caverna into this world. Maybe even more than one part…

Healthy Growth in Aquatilis CavernaI moved some plants and critters into the Aquatilis Caverna Pod, just to get an idea of what it would be like to utilize this smaller space. It was mostly successful… Except for the fact that some of the plants from Aquatilis Caverna 2 took over and created a dense underwater forest. One of the nearby Kyutai Whales looked rather confused about just where to swim! From what I could see, this wasn’t a problem with the metaroom, but had to do with the population of the grass. Maybe it was perfectly fine within larger spaces, yet it appeared to grow far too quickly for the purposes of a small metaroom. Although I couldn’t capture images of every element, there were some more ideas I had about how to have fun with these regions. It was a long time ago that I actually looked forward to playing Docking Station, so all was going very well!

The Problem with Missing Catalogue FilesThe only slight hiccup I encountered was a missing catalogue file. It might actually have been two missing files, since there were unknown agents in both Aquatilis Caverna V4 and Aquatilis Caverna 2. I went in search of them and asked around, yet I’ve had no luck so far. It’s a shame, because I have no idea what this giant critter is supposed to be! I can guess, based on a list of the Aquatilis Caverna ecology, yet I’m certain there was a catalogue file floating about at one time. Aside from that minor problem, my plans for an underwater world were progressing! I seemed to be leaning in favor of using Aquatilis Caverna V4 and the Aquatilis Caverna Pod, although I still didn’t want to rule out the others I was considering. I did notice a change in performance when I removed all of the living elements from Aquatopia, however. Those critters and plants seemed to have some issues with population control. However, the empty metaroom was still a decent enough space for Creatures to swim through. Part of me simply wanted to enjoy these areas before they were infested with Norns, Ettins, and/or Grendels! But of course this world wasn’t going to be all about enjoying the fine scenery… Although it could have been. As it was, my plans were getting closer to completion for this aquatic world!

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