How to Become a Hoarder in Creatures 1

Setting up a new world, whether it be in Creatures 1, 2, or 3, can be as simple or complicated as one would like. Some like to jump right in, preferring to make changes as they are needed, while others enjoy preparing as many details as possible. I doubt it’s any guess as to which category I fall into when it comes to Albia! Fortunately, with the new world devoid of many COBs, I won’t have the opportunity to stack food and toys until the end of time. However, there are a decent amount of starting items that can found scattered about the world.

The ironic part is that a few pieces of coveted cheese and at least two honey pots can be found in one of the most unlikely areas: Directly next to the Grendel egg machine! Grendels were given a notorious reputation from the start, with official literature stating incorrect facts, such as how Grendels spread diseases and are generally nasty beings. I have a very soft spot for these misunderstood creatures, but I find it interesting that their birthing place is actually quite well stocked! This world also has a few very interesting “eggs” resting comfortably in the incubator. Ha! Get ready for the real Norns, ready to arrive later in the day! And not to be left out, expect to meet Albia’s newest Grendel, as well!

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