Finding a New Creatures Teaching Method

The Creatures 1 Learning ComputerFor the longest time, I have used my own method to teach newborn Norns. As soon as an egg hatched in Creatures 1, the baby was whisked off to the learning machine for a vocabulary lesson! This approach to teaching Norns has worked well for me, yet as I’ve been going through my strategy guide, it dawned on me that this might not be the best first experience for a newborn. The book even mentions that learning the verbs should happen in childhood, when a Norn can fully comprehend the concepts. I’ve always taught the word before the concept, but what if it would work better the other way around? Perhaps a Norn would better understand what he or she was talking about!

In Consideration of a New Norn Teaching MethodThe first few minutes of life are often the time when a Norn learns the most. Plopping babies down in front of the learning machine was always meant as a positive experience, yet now I wonder if that might not be the case. Playing, eating, and experiencing Albia sound a lot more meaningful than staring at a screen and talking! Of course, the drawback with this approach is the fact that the baby Norn will need more supervision for a longer period of time. It was going to be difficult juggling everyone at once, but I was very curious if this new approach to teaching Norns would be a better one. I think I sometimes forget that Norns are artificial life forms, and are capable of learning. In the grand scheme of things, a Norn who knows how to eat is better off than a Norn who knows how to say “push food.” So as I prepared to hatch one of the final eggs of this fifth generation of Norns, it looked like we were all in for a learning experience!

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