Valuable Friendships for Norns and Grendels

Albia was in a bit of chaos when I got my thoughts together and remembered where I had left off! It took some time to ensure that everyone was eating properly, although most of the Norns and Grendels were having an excellent time. Once the dust cleared and I could get back to the wonderful art of observation, one of the youngest Norns, Hypocolius, suddenly looked much older than I had remembered. Time flew by! His celebration consisted of a very independent nap.

Drongo decided to wander back to the garden and incubator, where he met Junco. His mutation prevented him from focusing on anything for too long, and he had never had a meal. Fortunately, he also never felt any hunger: His life was mostly a happy one. It was heartbreaking to know that it would likely come to a close far too soon. Drongo demonstrated how to pick the carrots and radishes in the garden, yet Junco was lost in his own world. I was thrilled when he actually picked up a carrot, but all the demonstrating in the world didn’t help.

Perhaps the only lone Creature was Blackcap. Hypocolius abandoned him when he decided to set off on a very grown up adventure across the underground swamp. With no one to keep him entertained, Blackcap resorted to befriending the morning glory. He could not stop staring at it and whispering sweet nothings to it. He must have really loved that herb, because my suggestion to eat it fell on deaf ears. This was a mixed message: Blackcap would never eat a friend, yet he seemed perplexed about what actually constituted a friend! I left Blackcap to do whatever it is that Norns do with plant friends. Hopefully this didn’t turn into Little Shop of Horrors!

I assumed my major comical moment had already come from Blackcap, but Adaon decided that he needed to show off his amazing flexibility! Euphonia was fairly impressed, although she was humble enough to let her Grendel companion take most of the spotlight. He was actually quite the popular character on the Creatures island! Adaon enjoyed riding the lift up to visit with her, while Euphonia tagged along like a real shadow… Minus the crazy poses!

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