Returning to Creatures with C2toDS

Someone disappeared for quite some time! I devoted most of my time in November to the CCSF 2013 with my two wonderful partners in crime, Darby and Ghosthande. With a nonstop string of releases, I needed a little break from it all just to settle back in. The best part about Creatures, at least for myself, is that it never gets boring: Coming back to it is just like reconnecting with an old friend. In this case, though, I found something excellent to bring me back to Creatures Docking Station. Liam and Moe released C2toDS Beta 3. It is simply phenomenal. I spent all my time just exploring!

Of course, maybe it was a good idea I didn’t have any Norns around… I decided to bypass Albian air control and fly a helicopter directly into a lightning storm. Good thing there wasn’t an actual pilot inside! The helicopter was perfectly fine, yet it’s one of the agents from Creatures 2 I never played around with. It seemed a little out of place in such a natural environment. Now I see I was missing out on some real fun! C2toDS not only features many of the familiar sights from the original C2, but it also contains many new discoveries. I still have yet to put on my complete adventurer outfit to find everything. It’s nice to know there are hidden elements! If it wasn’t already clear, the effort that Liam and Moe put into this metaroom shines through. Did anyone expect any less, though? Lots of care has been going into new releases. Our community continues to grow!

Being in the beta stage, C2toDS still can have its quirks. The worst I experienced was a cloud in the underground chamber near the incubator, which just added a little bit of unique flavor! After the lightning storm, I was expecting some more unusual weather. I just called it a sort of fog, and that was that! I imagine it could make for an interesting story if a Norn decided to walk through a cloud. I just hope none of them end up walking through a lightning storm! I’m fairly sure that this was an issue with an earlier release of C2toDS, though.

I also had the opportunity to enjoy a slightly early download of another addition to the C2toDS Beta 3. This cozy, sleeping bird likely gives it away, but I’ll still keep rather quiet about it! I knew what was coming, yet actually seeing it happen was more than I was expecting. C2toDS is a metaroom with many, many possibilities. It can stand on its own, without Norns, Grendels, nor Ettins, and it would still make Creatures fun to play. Part of me wonders if perhaps this would make a better place for my new Gaius project… We’ll see! There will be bugs with this release, yet it’s so exciting to see this project moving forward. Now I have a whole lot of additional catching up to do, and a lot of very neglected Norns and Grendels to pay attention to. Check back soon for new updates!

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