Faces in the Walls

When I last left my Geats, I was in the middle of planning out a new home for them. It wasn’t that I suddenly despised the world they were in, but it was clear that it was just far too large and full of distractions. So I went in search of a new metaroom. I found a rather interesting one, which is the highlight of this post! To keep things a little suspenseful, I won’t reveal it until the very end. Perhaps it’s painfully obvious what it is, but I got distracted by the faces in the walls. Maybe I’m the only one who notices these oddities in Creatures! Although this photo has been resized, is there anyone who doesn’t see a wide open mouth with two bright blue eyes? This metaroom has character! Or, characters…

This interesting piece of machinery and/or duct work can normally be found on the standard Bridge area in Creatures 3. There, it has a clickable button in the middle that almost looks like a nose. Even without that button, though, I distinctly see two eyes, a plethora of freckles, and an open mouth fixed in a very fake smile. One wonders if the creators of the Creatures games put these little things in for players to discover. Admittedly, they can be a bit scary and not very cute. However, the one major downside to the metaroom I’ve been using, Random’s Room, is that it lacks character. Every level is the same pattern, and I even had to use a modified Simple Backdrop Agent to make it work for me. That’s not to say that the room doesn’t have its uses, though. It just feels like my Geats grew beyond it, and need something different to keep them happy. Except Rhodite. Her reaction to the room will be priceless, I’m sure! She’s long been known as the most lazy, complain-riddled Creature ever born! A change in scenery might help her settle down into a more quiet lifestyle, while also helping with population growth. Combine a gigantic metaroom with a bunch of unhappy, distracted Geats, and egg production stalls.

Although the above face came from the Creatures 3 Bridge, this metaroom was something a bit different. I spotted a row of these strange ladders. I immediately thought of some Star Wars characters! These ones looked like they each had a pair of glowing eyes, a very straight mouth, and somewhat expressive eyebrows far up on their foreheads. Sometimes it’s fun just to pay attention to the details in a metaroom! It might even spark an idea for a back story. Did the architects craft them after real beings? Were they actually alive?

One final face was waiting for me, and it was probably the most frightening of all! Three eyes, a mouth that was ready to gobble up anything nearby, and tentacles. Yikes! It did look pretty neat, though, and not all that creepy once I got used to it. If these scenes haven’t made it clear what metaroom this is, I also had to capture a ton of mosquitoes (mossie flies) in order to start preparing the area. Plus I had a bunch of machinery to pack up, since I was debating whether to have these items around or not. Give up? It’s the Banshee Bridge! I already removed practically everything, including the lift. This new world for my Colortrue Gaius will be far less distracting, but still filled with ample amounts of food. What do you think? Does this seem like a better environment? Better yet, have any ideas or suggestions?

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