The Boys are Back in Town

As usual, life took me to the farthest reaches and away from Creatures. Yet in true fashion, I returned to my beloved Creatures 1 world with a flourish! One particular Norn was right there, waiting to greet me with a surprise. Many will remember that Junco ate one carrot in his life, and is constantly the center of concern. Does this sneaky grin hide a secret? Moments before I snapped this photo, Junco ate two carrots. Two entire carrots! Previously, he ate once, possibly twice, in his entire existence. His life force doubled from a dangerously low 30% to a respectable 60%. Perhaps it was a once in a lifetime event, but it was a wonderful way to return to Albia. Three cheers for Junco!

Hypocolius decided to join forces with Blackcap, and they become friendly rivals. Judging by their odd interactions, they wanted to be nice to one another while also ordering the other to stop, or run away. Delightful male behavior! Blackcap stealthily attempted to make Hypocolius fall over the edge of the bridge into the murky swamp, but the latter was having none of that! He retaliated with a rather booming smack that sent his pursuer flinching back in terror. Needless to say, this odd pair stopped playing so close to the edge and settled into the dark catacombs of the temple. They merely had to take the lift up one level to enjoy some lovely sunshine, but the shadows were much more appealing to them.

Not too far away, near the gently flapping flags, Pipit was in all his solitary glory! A pot of honey became stuck to his hand, partly due to his love of its contents and partly because he was one messy Norn. Thank goodness the stickiness couldn’t be transferred onto any Albian objects! He found a ball to roll around and bounce. That actually made me wonder why the balls in Creatures 1 only bounce, and can’t be rolled around like one might expect… It didn’t bother young Pipit! He was completely occupied, even though it was a rather lonely wind that surrounded him. He was rather perturbed about being interrupted.

Manakin decided to try out Norn meditation. The clock created the perfect rhythm for him to fall into his thoughts and contemplate the meaning of life. Like Pipit, the solitude appeared to be something he could tolerate better than the typical Norn. My only question, which I kept to myself, was the purpose of the radish. Was this in some cosmically significant spot? Did it align the gravity field of Albia’s disc in a perfect way? Or had Manakin just put it down haphazardly? One may never know if the strange behavior of Norns is just strange, or pure genius! On a gameplay-related note, having Manakin and Pipit separated made it easier for them to take care of themselves.

Unlike Drongo. Although he obediently ate a carrot every now and then, he was surrounded at all times by at least two other Norns. Female Norns, at that, which ensured that his attention was solely not on taking care of himself! Normally, a sole male Norn cooped up with a few females would ensure a baby boom and many descendants. Unfortunately for Drongo, both females never became pregnant. It was almost unnecessary to check his testosterone level, but it was no surprise: He was producing none of it, courtesy of his stress levels. I made a plan to separate him from the ladies soon and let him recover. Kisspopping was hard work for poor Drongo!

And what of the final boy in this world? Why, Adaon was sleeping with the fishes! Not in the usual sense of the phrase, but in the literal sense. He somehow separated himself from Arianllyn, after they shared a brief reunion. I was certain that their second egg would finally be on its way, yet they parted ways too soon. Likely, there will be a couple of new Grendels introduced either with this generation or the next. Maybe all of that solitary time in the music room made Adaon happier on his own. He was still such a friendly guy, though. If only Norns and Grendels could interbreed: He and Astrapia would have had a whole brood!

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