A Guide to Navigating the Gameware Europe Sites

A Listing of the Correct Gameware LinksLast year, Gameware Europe was awesome enough to restore all of the old pages and downloads when the original domain went down. Now the Creature Labs and Creatures Development Network sites are just a click away! However, many will notice how the internal link structure was not updated, leading to a lot of broken links. This may make it seem like those pages and downloads are lost, but they’re still there! And this isn’t a criticism of anyone at Gameware Europe: It was kind enough of them to publish everything again, and it’s not too difficult to change the domain name in the links. But what if you want a quick reference guide?

Linking Up the Creatures Development NetworkThe CDN site may look unformatted and broken when it is opened, but it’s simply using the wrong URLs for the CSS and images. A little tinkering, and voila! The layout can be viewed in its original glory. It’s amazing to have these resources available even after all this time, and there is a lot of excellent information peppered throughout the pages. Some of the troubleshooting information might be a little outdated, yet there’s so much nostalgia involved in reading through the FAQs! The following is a complete listing of the correct URLs throughout the sites. Use this as a reference guide, particularly when looking for the free downloads! I’ve used the wrong links many times, and it’s often a pain to continuously change the links when viewing multiple pages. Perhaps Gameware Europe will update the pages in the future, but until then, I hope this link listing proves useful to those looking for official Creatures information and downloads!

Note that this is a very long list of links and text! The best way to use it is with your browser’s Find or Search feature to look for something in particular. Links may appear multiple times, as they are organized based on each page. If you run into any problems, need help finding a specific link, or find something that is missing, feel free to let me know! Anything labeled with “Direct Download” means that it links to a file, and other notes are included to show which links lead outside of the Gameware Europe domain. I hope this will make it easier to access all of the official Creatures material!

Images Credited to Gameware Europe

Creature Labs





Where to Buy Creatures

Creatures Merchandise

Buy Creatures Add-Ons (Unavailable)
Creatures Development Network
Creatures FAQs

Norn Care Guides

Docs and Reference

Creatures Help Forum (Unavailable)
Docking Station Knowledgebase

Creatures 3 Knowledgebase

Creatures 2 Knowledgebase

Creatures 1 Knowledgebase

Creatures Village Knowledgebase

Creatures 2 Life Kit 1 Knowledgebase

Docking Station Downloads

Creatures 3 Downloads

Creatures 2 Downloads

Creatures 1 Downloads

Creatures Development Network

C3/DS Home
C3/DS Tutorials

C3/DS Genetics and Biochemistry

C3/DS Agent Engineering

C3/DS General System Info

C3/DS Dev Tools

Creatures 2 Home
Creatures 2 Tutorials

Creatures 2 Genetics and Biochemistry

Creatures 2 Agent Engineering

Creatures 2 General System Info

Creatures 2 Dev Tools

Creatures 1 Home
Creatures 1 Genetics and Biochemistry

Creatures 1 Agent Engineering

Creatures 1 General System Info

Creatures 1 Dev Tools

C3 Classifier List (Browse Unavailable)

Developer Forums (Unavailable)

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