Under the Albian Sea

With summer just around the corner and so many aquatic add-ons for Creatures 3/Docking Station, I finally took the literal plunge to create an aquatic world! It took some getting used to such a different environment… I failed my first time due to a lack of food sources. Fortunately, I managed to succeed my second time around in creating a truly beautiful underwater scene for my Norns. I typically use a limited number of agents in my Creatures worlds. This time, however, everything was fair game! I had a little trouble coming up with different elements to complete my aquatic world. The majority of agents are geared more towards land-based gameplay. My list of additions included the following:

It was a difficult decision choosing which Norns to populate this world with, yet in the end I decided to test out Grendel Man’s Coral Reef ChiChi Norns. This set of four Norns quickly made themselves at home! In no time, there were a bunch of little babies hiding behind the aquatic plants and snagging delicious little shrimptons! First, I had to go in search of a very important change to one of the COS files in order to allow the eggs to hatch underwater in C3/DS.

I found several possible agents that could solve this problem, such as the Water Eggs, but my breeding COS files have already been updated several times with other fixes. Rather than risk losing those changes, I found a very helpful post at Creatures Caves where Grendel Man and Malkin explained how to make a manual change. Make sure to backup your creatureBreeding.cos and/or DS creatureBreeding.cos files before making the following update. There should be two instances of the following section in each COS file (one for Norns; one for Grendels and Ettins):

doif rtyp room ownr = 8 or rtyp room ownr = 9
* in water
tick 600
setv name “gonna_hatch” 0

These lines of code simply need to be commented out with an asterisk (*) in front of each line:

*doif rtyp room ownr = 8 or rtyp room ownr = 9
** in water
*tick 600
*setv name “gonna_hatch” 0

Voila! Now Creature eggs can hatch underwater! This is perfect for aquatic wolfling runs, or for any underwater world where hatching eggs on land is too cumbersome. Some breeds, like the Coral Reef ChiChi Norns, are not amphibious, so hatching on land could lead to a fatal outcome without any nearby water. This world will be more of a background wolfling run for me, yet I have a feeling I will have a lot of fun enjoying this underwater Creatures world!

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