The Fourth Anniversary of Discover Albia

Happy birthday, Discover Albia! Today marks the fourth year of this blog’s existence! It’s been a thrilling journey, filled with plenty of amazing readers. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read, whether it’s been a sentence or every single post! I intended to fly through the last few Norns and Grendels in Creatures 1, but I only succeeded in jumping ahead a few hours. All the same, the next generation will be along quite quickly! Whydah grew into an old Norn at just around seven hours old and became the master of the cable car. It was hilarious to watch her fly above the garden, apparently under the assumption that she was actually flying. A slight case of senility, though she was in perfect health. In fact, Whydah wasn’t the only one having a good time in Albia!

Xenops sensed that there was something special about today, so he grabbed a honeypot and celebrated! He was still as shy as ever, though he was steadily amassing an army of children. Whydah, Towhee, and even Yuhina had at least one egg from the last male. Their genes were all safe to be carried on: They could simply live out their lives leisurely! On that subject, this seems an appropriate time to say that Discover Albia will have slightly less regular updates as I start working on some projects. Many know of the vague announcement regarding a top secret Creatures project, but I also have some other ideas in mind. Fewer updates doesn’t mean anything less: In fact, it should mean that some releases will be ready sooner!

The birthday party mood traveled across my world, and Arianllyn took it upon herself to drum up a celebratory beat. It wasn’t exactly musical… But she was really having a good time with it! She was adamant about staying in the music room. It seemed like some part of her knew that her partner, Adaon, would make his way back there one day. I took her on a few short excursions up and down the lift, though Arianllyn always returned to the same spot. She was quite talented with the harp, too, although there was no substitute for the loud ramblings of the drum! She knew someone would hear her.

As it happened, the party ended in a rather sad mood. Adaon truly was on his way back to the music room after going from the garden, to the docks, to the temple, and finally on the underground cart. He knew that there was a party, but he didn’t realize an uninvited guest hitched a ride with him: Antigen 2. Adaon put up a valiant effort and tried to eat a few carrots, yet it was all too much. In mid-step, he collapsed at about 20:15. Poor Arianllyn would never have her reunion, though I had a feeling he would still hear her songs. Farewell, Adaon. May you always have music in your soul.

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