Happy Third Birthday to Discover Albia

Today marks the third year that Discover Albia has been around! Although there have been times when posts have been few and far between, I am always surprised by how much content I’ve managed to put together. Even more surprising has been the popularity of the blog! I originally intended this space to just be a bit of a test, where I could have a little fun sharing my Creatures stories and documentation. With time, I’ve been humbled to have been named as an inspiration for other community members to start their own blogs. I would never be half as interested in the games as I am without the amazing support of the community! We’re a relatively small group, yet we often grow each year. Three years ago, I never thought Creatures would see a resurgence. It’s not simply the anticipation of Creatures 4: It’s the new downloads. The tutorials. The artwork. The stories. The innovative ideas. The encouraging comments. Most of all, it’s the people. Everyone, from the developers with intimate knowledge of the code behind the games, to the new players who want to learn more, have kept Creatures alive and well. And, of course, Discover Albia would not be here without that same inspiring, positive energy this community emits!

My musings began with a little Creatures 1 Norn named Adria, who still holds a special place in my heart. The newest C3/DS Norns have brought this blog full circle, yet there have been many added features along the way. Videos, tutorials, case studies, and other such ideas have evolved over the years. I often try to appeal to what readers are looking for: Hopefully that’s given many people something different to enjoy! Here’s to at least another three wonderful years for Discover Albia! Thank you again to everyone who keeps me so inspired to enjoy every aspect of Creatures!

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