Six Years of Blogging at Discover Albia

Peeking Out from a Very Busy TimeTime certainly flew by! I intended to continue working on the C1 honey updates but somehow life came along and took up all of that free time. Granted, a lot of that was by choice. Many longtime players may know the feelings that come and go with Creatures: Sometimes you feel like you want to play for hours on end, and other instances call for a break. However, apologies for this rather long and unexpected span of silence on my part! It’s definitely time to work Creatures back into my schedule, and today is an especially good place to start. Go back through the endless archives, and you might discover that today is Discover Albia’s birthday! It’s been an amazing six years since I started blogging. Goodness, time really does fly!

The Delicious Creatures Village CakesI only had a short time to play anything today, and I went with the least likely candidate: Creatures Village. It has cakes, for crying out loud! Cakes! So I baked up a couple, but wasn’t quick enough to snap a picture before someone snagged a bite. Creatures Village is severely lacking a pause button, which I use judiciously in the other games. By some magic, the music actually worked! I picked this game up years ago and never got to hear the music. No amount of tweaking the settings could get it to play. Was this a sign?

Looking Ahead to Many More Years of Creatures FunWith a little bit of searching, I found the beehive in Creatures Village… Which I never remember seeing before. Shows how often I pick up the game! Although the music added a lot of atmosphere, this little detour through the land of Creatures just proved to me how much I love the original games. I do believe we need a new generation of Creatures 1 Norns. I seriously miss following those stories, even with all of the minor sprite issues. I still have a lot of things to do before I have ample time for Creatures, yet I’ve definitely not left it behind! The lovely comments I get on a regular basis make it all worthwhile, and I sincerely appreciate everyone who has taken the time to send a simple “thank you” over the years.

Celebrating Six Years of Creatures Blogging

As a way to give back and celebrate the game that continues to fuel my love of the series, I am giving away a game code for Creatures: The Albian Years! Be sure to read the terms carefully. I know there are many people out there who remember this game from their childhood, as well as newcomers who have a passion for the scientific details behind Creatures. Enjoy, and thanks again to everyone for a wonderful six years! Here’s to many more… Preferably without too much rambling on my part! I make no promises on that point, though.

April 2016 Creatures Giveaway Terms

  • Entries will remain open from April 26, 2016 through May 5, 2016.
  • I will only submit an entry form once, and understand I may only win one game code.
  • I understand that there will only be one randomly selected winner for the game code.
  • I have an account with GOG and can download/install the game if I win.
  • I understand the system requirements of this game, including the following:
    • Creatures: The Albian Years works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
  • I understand that the winner will receive a gift code that can only be redeemed digitally at GOG.

This giveaway has ended. Good luck next time!

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