A Terribly Boring Bit of News

Angry and Scared Creatures in the Face of UpdatesWith a little time for Creatures at last, I attempted to check off a couple of minor updates to Discover Albia. Once again, I was reminded of how not-so-easy those processes can be. Even a few members of the genetics team, Anna Log and Emmit Ter, looked on with varying degrees of distaste as things clearly did not go according to plan! Or maybe they really wanted to get another genetics lesson going, since it has been a long time since the last one… I think they’re onto something!

Fixing Up Discover Albia and Moving Onto the Exciting UpdatesBefore the exciting updates come the boring, tedious ones. I’ve noticed that some thumbnail images have gone astray for unknown reasons, possibly the victims of a few hungry virtual Norns! So this is just a heads up that things may be a little messy while I work out a few things and clean things up. Apologies! Hopefully that won’t take too long so we can all finally get back to enjoying the fun side of Creatures! The site should be fully fixed and updated within the week. Not the kind of news that generates any sort of interest, but I do want to let everyone know that these improvements are in the works. Then, onto the good Creatures stuff!

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