The Sweet and Sour Side of C1 Honey

Tuning Into a Sticky New COB ProjectWith an updated version of the Creatures 1 cheese available for download, it’s time to move onto the next fix! I planned to work on fixing the honeypots last summer… Which makes me feel like one terribly successful procrastinator, and a rather miserable COB creator! I didn’t receive any feedback regarding the honey, so I hope I’ll be headed in the right direction. From a quick glance over some of the CAOS, the original honeypots are actually crafted somewhat correctly… Those empty jars are invisible to Creatures. Excellent! Yet I still have some improvements in mind to keep up with this whole food update theme. This is the last original food item to receive an update from me!

Interestingly, I may have created a learning experience that encourages eating a whole lot! My test subjects now seem to eat all the time, which isn’t necessarily bad… Just something to note. What I would love to experiment with at some point is a modified genome that punishes overeating… Something along the lines of discouraging a Norn from eating when his or her glycogen (or even starch) level is already very high. No promises that I’ll get to that in a reasonable amount of time, but it is something to consider! Luckily, the replenishing food sources are plentiful in Creatures 1.

A Complex Fix for a Main C1 Food ItemThe C1 honeypots are a little unique, in that they require the beehives in order to be refilled. Effectively, this means that I also have plans to update the hives… And the bees. Malkin set me straight about what the official Bees and Hive Upgrade actually does, and it’s pretty terrible. The bees are awful, and eating from the hives is really painful. Remember that Norns and Grendels only identify things by category. So creating a negative experience from using a vendor, which the bee hive is classified as, means that a Creature will be less and less likely to use other vendors properly.

My goal with these updates isn’t to make Albia a perfect world where Norns and Grendels have nothing to worry about. They still have to take care of themselves, and I most certainly plan to keep the weeds just as dangerous… And even more so. Making objects less confusing to interact with is my goal. In the end, these updates are meant to encourage Norns and Grendels to be more independent. My method of carefully raising everyone in Creatures 1 has worked well because I’m constantly keeping an eye on things. I believe that part of the lack of independence comes from incorrectly coded objects. With a little CAOS magic, Norns and Grendels will be better than ever!

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