A Door at the Very End of a Norn Generation

I intended to complete this generation of Creatures 1 Norns and Grendels prior to Discover Albia’s birthday, yet I had the unfortunate event of Adaon’s death to deal with. Arianllyn played a mournful tune on the harp, which was quite fitting for her friend who had loved the music room so much. If anyone could enjoy the instruments after Adaon’s passing, it was Arianllyn. She blockaded herself between the harp and drum for a good amount of time. Luckily, she had someone to refill her honeypot so she could concentrate on more important matters. She was older than her Grendel counterpart, so perhaps she had an inkling of her future.

With this fourth generation coming to a close, I was faced with the mortality of the last Norns. Whydah passed away at 9:34, which was slightly early. There was no way she would be forgotten! Eight children could claim her as their mother, and she would always be known as one of the Norns with a 100% life force. If I might go on a brief tangent, her mutation is a perfect example of how the Creatures 1 life force is not a very robust indicator. It merely measures glycogen, which can be deceiving with some mutations. I wished Whydah a fond farewell as she faded off into the history of Albia.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I let this world go for a few hours with minimal updates. Oddly enough, Arianllyn and Towhee passed away within a minute of one another in the submarine bay. It was difficult to capture a final, endearing image of them, although a single picture would never tell the stories of their lives. Arianllyn lived to about 22:40, while Towhee’s clock stopped at 10:27. In another eerie coincidence, each had five children of her own. Arianllyn was sure to be reunited with Adaon again. Farewell to the last Grendel and one of the last Norns of this generation. Rest in peace.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to fly through the end of this generation came down to the floating egg glitch. There are actually two piled on top of each other in the sky! It was a fairly minor glitch, until I really paid attention to what my Norns were looking at. Yuhina had an interesting mutation that prevented her from flinching. Once she spotted the floating eggs, she could bump into a wall endlessly, even with the highest pain threshold. Not exactly the greatest way to spend the rest of her life! I plan to make an identical, empty world so that the next generation can easily migrate should this glitch happen again.

I was unprepared for the death of Yuhina, which happened when she had just reached 8:32. Perhaps all of that excessive wall bonking led to stress, thus cutting down her lifespan. I actually mistook her for Whydah, since they were identical in appearance. Yuhina’s life was fairly short, and she had only produced two eggs. I wouldn’t say that I regret my decision to introduce her mutation into the gene pool, although I would prefer not to use any descendants with the same pain mutation. At least she managed to pass away on a walk in the garden, rather than up against a cold wall. Rest well, Yuhina, and farewell.

Just like that, the fourth generation was left with a single member. Xenops discovered his calling late in life as a professional beekeeper. He enjoyed this method of doing away with the honeypot and going straight to the source! He quickly learned to leave the bees alone, and they tolerated his presence. Although he was the only male Norn in a group of females, his offspring count of ten was reasonable. It seemed quite fitting to see him at the beehives, which have become the unofficial symbol of Discover Albia. Xenops lived on for some time, only passing away at 13:17. May he forever enjoy beekeeping.

Many regular readers may have noticed the recent change! Discover Albia now has its own domain, complete with a brand new layout. I have been making behind-the-scenes changes virtually constantly, and there are still many things to do. New content posted within the last year should be completely converted over, while earlier posts are still being updated. The worst case are some sloppy paragraphs or resized images. All will be fixed eventually! I hope that this change is for the better: Functionality is very important, and I intend to make this site even easier to use than the previous layout. Check back soon for new site features, as well as brand new Creatures content!

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