Green Grendels, Sister Secrets, and Norn Nonsense

After spending so much time with my Creatures 1 Norns, my two Grendels were rightfully feeling neglected. I found Adaon in the garden with a 60% life force: I assumed he had been ill, but there were no traces of antibodies nor antigens in his system. The poor guy had simply stopped eating! Once he knew I was watching him and ready to tickle him, he gladly wolfed down a couple of carrots. Adaon trundled off to play with a few toys, apparently finished with me.

In an ironic twist of events, Arianllyn was the Grendel in the music room! Adaon had been quite partial to the drum, yet she decided that her musical calling was with the harp. It figured that it would be in their twilight hours that the two Grendels would find something in common! With five eggs, though, it wasn’t as though they didn’t like one another. Arianllyn was quite caught up with perfecting her harp skills, though she paused for honey!

My Norns were still camped out on the desert island after a rather trying time. Whydah and Yuhina were full sisters, and they were identical in appearance! Can you figure out which is which? They each had a special surprise in store for me. However, not all surprises are good ones. Whydah was happily pregnant, and slept away knowing all about her responsibility. Her younger sister, on the other hand, was not in good shape. Yuhina was listed as sick in the Observation Kit, and I assumed she simply tested out the poisonous plant on the island. When it didn’t clear up quickly, I had to jump in to take a closer look.

Albia, come on! This exact illness had shown up at least twice before, attacking the recently deceased Pipit twice. It was actually the cause of his death, and Yuhina’s health was dropping more and more quickly. I was ready to hire some sort of antigen exterminator for this world! It seemed more than mere coincidence that this illness continued to show up. It must have evolved to survive outside for a long time and locate unsuspecting victims. Pipit last caught it near the incubator, which was on the opposite side of Albia. Sneaky sort of sickness! Yuhina was a fairly good patient, though, alternating her time between sleeping and eating. Her life force only dipped to about 60%, which was far from the danger zone. Usually I get concerned when a Norn has about a 50% life force.

Whydah confronted Xenops about the impending egg. She was very excited about this event, yet the father was extremely reserved. I could hardly blame him: His first unborn child perished in its egg right before him. It was only a few minutes before Whydah had a shiny new egg to present, and then Xenops looked a little more lively! I wondered if he might have picked up on Yuhina’s illness. With her being contagious, I had her partially quarantined in one area of the island. Towhee was the only one absent, since she had caught an express submarine journey to safety.

After a good deal of time convalescing, Yuhina’s strength began to return and the illness fled her system for good. I hoped it was the last time we would see it! There was a minute when I wondered if the youngest Norn would be the next to go, but there was far too much for Yuhina to accomplish before she would be comfortable with passing on. I intended to finish up this generation rather quickly: Discover Albia’s fourth anniversary is on April 26th, and it would be lovely to meet a new generation at that time! Keep an eye out for shorter summaries!

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