Colorful Creatures Eggs to Eat and Hatch

Easter in Creatures 3/Docking Station began with one Geat, Kovar, getting rather confused about a small pile of eggs. Were there really that many baby Colortrue Gaius entering the world? Silly Kovar, most of those came from the newly released Eggstravaganza patch plant! Three of them contained something more than caramel, chocolate, or hard boiled egg, though. Switching in different egg sprites can certainly liven up a population! Kovar was still confused.

Amalgam, Tombac, Shakudo, and Magnox decided to line up and pose in their very best attire for the holiday. Since the edible eggs had been added to the world, many decided to settle down nearby. Who wouldn’t want to live right near a spot where delicious candy eggs grow continually? The Eggstravaganza also had another meaning for these Geats… They must have felt that edible eggs meant that they had to produce their own army of eggs!

Two young Geats were born looking like they had picked out their colors specifically for Easter! Celestrium was the daughter of Kovar and Amalgam, while Inconel was the daughter of Megallium and Cunife. They had some fun watching the eggs slowly take shape and color before falling to the floor to be eaten. Good thing they were tough: Some of them fell from quite high up! It was also nearly impossible to get two of the same variety at the same time. In fact, there were a total of 569 different eggs in this patch plant! The concept kind of mirrored the idea behind the Colortrue Gaius, where it was very difficult to get two Geats of the exact same color. Celestrium and Inconel devoured every egg they could before heading off in search of other interesting adventures.

Hatching the eggs was not quite finished yet! Nitinol was the daughter of Zamak and Vitallium, which was quite apparent by her mixture of black and pink. Shibuichi’s coloring was a little less telling of her parents: Talonite and Ormolo were both very green, yet she stepped out of her shell in a golder tone. They made some lovely new additions to the group! At this point, though, the population swelled to 24 Geats with more eggs on the way. I just got finished praising them for not breeding uncontrollably! Expect to see a number of them on CreatureLink in the near future! I also need to figure out a few tweaks to the family tree I have, which shows each Geat’s color. Happy Easter!

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