Colorful Drops of Creatures Laughter

Colortrue Gaius with Similar ObjectsThe recent births of many fifth generation Geats turned out to form a common color palette. Bazzite and Cryolite started up a small group, yet it was Bazzite and Ultimet who took off together! The young Geat decided to show off his color matching skills to impress Ultimet, so he gathered together whatever he could… That turned out to be a single robot toy, while he stood in front of a Dummy Portal. At least Bazzite tried! His actions were in vain, however, and he soon found himself wandering the corridor alone. Perhaps it was a time for him to reflect on the importance of a diverse range of colors!

A Hidden Geat in Creatures Docking StationEver since Hiduminium’s birth, he was quite content to hide himself, which was ironically fitting for his name! Most of my Colortrue Gaius were very social, or they at least traveled with a friend most of the time. Hiduminium was a rare case, for there was only one other solitary Geat in my world. That was the ancient first generation Elinvar, who rarely moved, but managed to survive. Fortunately, Hiduminium was more on the outskirts of the group than completely cut off from all contact. Perhaps he was just gathering up the courage to jump in with the rest of the Geats!

An Attempt to Color a Silver GeatSome moments in Creatures are timed perfectly, and I just happened upon one! Nitinol and Celestrium hovered around Inconel, who had just laid an egg. The two purple ladies seemed upset about Inconcel’s luck, so it looked like they threw a Botanoid fruit right at her head! Maybe it was an attempt to see if they could turn her into a shade of pink or purple… Whatever the case was, the moment was over very quickly. I had a lasting bit of laughter, though! Just when I thought this C3/DS world might be getting a little boring, too. Often these strange incidents happen at eerily convenient times!

Big Googly Geat Eyes and Feigned InnocenceA short time later, Inconel looked at me with all the innocence in the world. Roughly translated, it meant that she was pregnant. I neglected to export her soon enough, which likely meant that at least one of her babies would also join her at CreatureLink. I also thought about the prospect of working on a new C3/DS world at some point, though my list of current projects jolted me back to reality! In terms of new worlds, my goal is to have a Creatures 2 world ready to document in the next few weeks. Some players can jump right into a world, but that seems impossible for me! Hopefully there will be some new and exciting stuff to read about soon. Comments are always welcome, particularly on your favorite updates!

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