Honey and Hootch in a Norn’s World

A Fully Bearded Santa NornMy joyful Santa Norn, Hleengar, was rather upset about the state of his rivalry with the older Brekennion. He wished and he wished to catch up in size, and it must have been Christmas in July for him! Hleengar greeted me with a smile and a brand new beard reminiscent of his breed’s name! It had been ages since my Creatures 1 world had a Santa Norn in it, and I barely recognized this little fellow. As festive as he was, I still thought he blended in quite nicely with the rest of the Norns. Hleengar celebrated adulthood in the only way he knew how: With a full pot of honey! There was no better treat from anywhere else in Albia.

An Encounter with Albian AlcoholSome may recall how Hleengar encountered the young Krathlaysi and left a bad impression. However, she got herself into trouble when I found her in the lower level of the temple. Her steps were staggered, she had very little balance, and all seemed amiss… Until I spotted the green can of hootch. Alcohol, Krathlaysi! Not a very good decision. Norns have very mild reactions to alcohol, however, so it was a very temporary discombobulation. I attempted to convince her to switch back to honey, which had some actual nutrients in it. Krathlaysi wasn’t about to give up her newly discovered vice, though!

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