Albia’s New Friend and Reunited Pair

Posing to Smile for the Creatures 1 CameraWhile I spent my time trying to coax Losthrayte closer to the learning computer, someone was on his way to offer a hand. Hleengar showed up out of thin air, literally, after traveling through the teleporter! He was drawn to the youngsters, although he was not exactly the best teacher for Krathlaysi. Fortunately, Hleengar learned from his mistakes and helped Losthrayte focus on her lessons. He even brushed up on his language skills! My young Santa Norn looked like he was growing up into a very responsible sort of Norn.

Reunited Albian GrendelsLong ago, when I first started this world, my two Grendels were absolutely inseparable. Dahloi took it upon himself to head off on a solitary journey to the island, and he seemed to have escaped the nagging clutches of Nildeleer. She found out where his new home was, and promptly expressed her emotions with the simple statement, “Nildeleer graaaah.” Dahloi was ironically happy to see her again!

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