Happiness and Stubbornness: Typical Norn Traits

A Very Happy Norn in Creatures 1I gave my Creatures 1 Norns a short break from my meddling ways, yet it looked like they had missed the attention! Hybralvao made her way up to the treetop bridge with a little prodding. I figured she was going to be upset about being alone, but a honeypot was all she needed! When she realized that someone was looking at her, she threw on the biggest smile in the cutest pose. It was actually from her fear mutation, which made her adopt a fearful gait when she was bored, not actually fearful. Such a funny mutation! Hybralvao was only upset about her empty honeypot, which was promptly refilled.

The Continuing Rivalry Between Two Male NornsBack in the garden, Hleengar followed close on the heels of the much larger version of Brekennion. These two began a rivalry over control of a toy, and the younger Hleengar looked like he was the triumphant winner. Yet with adulthood, there were far more pressing matters than bouncing around a silly toy. Brekennion abandoned those days and started to act like a serious adult. Hleengar, on the other hand, was torn between copying the older Norn and acting like himself. Quite a predicament!

A Newborn Norn in a New WorldThe time was perfect to introduce a new Norn into the group! Amazingly, this birth marked the halfway point for this generation. I vowed to move a little more quickly through this fifth generation of Norns, and so far, I think it’s been a successful goal! Losthrayte, the daughter of Junco and Euphonia, emerged from her egg very upset about leaving her cozy nest and being thrown into this strange new world. I made a number of small adjustments to her genome that this entire generation has benefited from, but there were still a couple of mutations to look at!


Chemical emitters define specific conditions within a Creature in order to affect chemicals. Some examples include experiencing stress from excessive drives, becoming cold due to environmental conditions, and more.

Mutation: 312 You B MutDupCut Creature, Sensorimotor, I’m Asleep, chem=Crowdedness, thresh=0, samp=47, gain=8, features=Inverted Analogue
Default: 312 You B MutDupCut Creature, Sensorimotor, I’m Asleep, chem=Boredom, thresh=0, samp=47, gain=8, features=Inverted Analogue

This chemical emitter is clearly associated with sleep, but unraveling what it does requires a look at every element! The most important thing to note is that it is inverted: This distinction is a vital element in understanding Norn genetics. At first glance, it might appear that this gene will normally increase boredom when a Norn is asleep. Remember that inverted marker, however! The gain is inverted, so it is actually responsible for decreasing boredom in a sleeping Norn who is a youth or older. This could be partially responsible for the tendency of older Norns to play with toys less, since their boredom falls when they are asleep. But back to the matter at hand! Losthrayte’s mutation means that it will actually be her crowdedness that decreases when she sleeps. Likely her boredom will be slightly higher, which could make her more apt to play with toys. However, her sleep will be like a way to escape from the crowded world… And that seems like it could be quite beneficial!


Stimuli genes define the chemicals that a Creature expects to receive in response to an action. These actions can range from interactions with the hand to involuntary actions like coughing or sneezing.

Mutation: 90 Emb B Mut ‘Disappointment’ causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0 => 16*Boredom++ + 16*NFP++ + 18*Anger++
Default: 90 Emb B Mut ‘Disappointment’ causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0 => 16*Boredom++ + 16*NFP++ + 16*Anger++

Although this mutation is very small, it is worth a short discussion. The stimuli gene is responsible for defining the chemicals associated with disappointment. For Losthrayte, she will experience a slightly elevated increase in anger than a standard Norn. Best not get her disappointed… It really will make her slightly angry!

Mutation: 103 Emb B Mut ‘I am quiescent‘ causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0 => 3*Tiredness++ + 16*Boredom-
Default: 103 Emb B Mut ‘I’ve Activated1’ causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0 => 3*Tiredness++ + 16*Boredom-

If the above stimuli gene mutation was minor, this one is like a tidal wave of consequences! In a standard Norn, this gene defines the chemicals associated with Activated1, which is another word for the “push” verb. This often comes into play with toys and pushing other objects in the world. For Losthrayte, pushing something will not grant her any direct effects. Instead, she will only experience this increase in tiredness and decrease in boredom when she is quiescent, or doing nothing. Effectively, she may not play with toys all that much, since the main benefit they provide is a decrease in boredom. What else might she do? Losthrayte could be more inclined to listen to others talk on and on, or travel as much as possible. Both activities will grant her a decrease in boredom… Or she might learn to just lie down and sit still! This mutation has many possibilities, yet only Losthrayte will determine how it affects her.

A Stubborn Norn with a Custom ClassroomThere was a moment when I thought that Losthrayte might have a tough time in life… Instead, she made things impossible for a responsible caretaker! She squirmed so much that it took three tries to get her up the lift. At the top, she decided she wasn’t moving another step, so I had to activate the computer from the other side of the room so she could learn the words. What a silly, stubborn little Norn!

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