Decking the Halls and Wrecking the Halls

Creatures 1 Santa Norn at Christmas in JuneNow that my Creatures 1 world featured its very own baby Santa Norn, it only seemed fitting for him to bring along some holiday cheer! He was in the complete wrong season and all, yet he looked a little less out of place with a few holiday-inspired additions. By the time Hleengar ventured down to the main level, it was completely decked out! Amazingly, Nildeleer found something else to follow around besides her best friend, Dahloi. He took off like a rocket for some peace!

Creatures 1 Norn Under an UmbrellaAthahain managed to travel all alone to the desert island without even thinking twice. She was more inclined to remain solitary due to her genetic mutations, so I was hardly surprised to see her enjoying a quiet moment. Beneath the umbrella, she could watch the waves slowly dance across the water’s surface and bring a salty breeze to her face. Her honeypot was all she really cared about, though! I enjoyed watching her: Athahain tended to be a very quiet Norn who preferred no nonsense. The current group of Norns and Grendels were a little silly, so she was simply waiting to meet another calm soul. Today was not the day for a new Norn, yet Athahin would likely have a new baby to inspect quite soon.

Creatures 1 Norn and Grendel with BallDahloi may have escaped the needling stomp of Nildeleer, yet he soon met up with his protege, Brekennion! The young Norn learned all of the ball bouncing techniques from his Grendel friend, yet he had something new and exciting to share. It was the old ball in the lift trick! This made it bounce around more than ever, and made the duo more obsessed than before. The ball brigade looked like it might need a support group to get out of the club! Both Brekennion and Dahloi were well taken care of, though, so I left them to their mesmerized ways. My only concern was whether their little club would have a bad influence on any new youngsters…

Creatures 1 Snowman in the GardenIt wasn’t long before the novelty of the holiday decorations started to wear off. The snowman was horribly misplaced in a summertime garden, although he stood for a long time without melting away! The two reindeer turned into a stampede that Hleengar and Nildeleer could barely get out of the way of. They deserved a ticket for speeding! All in all, everyone agreed that the only holiday cheer Albia needed was Hleengar, at least until the real holidays arrived!

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