Selective Colortrue Breeding and an Idea

Docking Station Geats Being FollowedThe most recent glimpse into Docking Station concluded with a parade of Geats. It seemed like a good place to start! Nambe decided to chase after Constantan and Duralumin, and they promptly looked for someone to offer some help! She was a very persistent metallic being, and the two boys were not exactly accustomed to her affectionate behavior. I thought that the youngest members of the world were ready to start pairing up, but it turned out that Nambe was still just a child.

A Pair of Expectant Colortrue GaiusNot everyone was too young to continue on their lines! Alumel and Shakudo were experienced parents, and they soon had an egg on the way. They were a very nice pair, too, with Alumul giving Shakudo some useful advice when he expressed how trapped he felt. I wondered if he meant something entirely different! This would be their last time in the world, since they each had two or three children to carry on their genetics. Make sure to keep an eye out for them at CreatureLink! Perhaps they would even end up moving onto a new home together…

Expressions and Behaviors of GeatsMeanwhile, a trio of female Colortrue Gaius decided to act like some silly Creatures. Nitinol tried on a holo-wing as some sort of facial fashion accessory. Survey says, “No!” even though Nitinol thought she looked awesome. Stellite wore herself down from walking around so much, and had a very weary expression. Never fear: Nicrosil decided to tap her on the head to shake loose the cobwebs! Actually, it worked because Stellite was back to normal without needing a nap. At least that “crisis” was averted! Nitinol was still trying out the holo-wings, though. Yikes!

A Silver Geat Peering at the CameraIf there was one predictable Geat in the world, it was Elinvar. I worried about him when I last checked on him. He was in survival mode, yet he found a way to make life a little less depressing. He reminded me of the place where this world started. With the Colortrue genetics, it is possible to actually breed for color. It got me to thinking about the way we think of Creatures, and how there could be a place for specialized breeding projects of various colors. Or, better yet, actual challenges with specific starting Geats! Playing Docking Station can have its monotonous moments, so perhaps this is something that will catch on. I might even attempt to set something up in the future. Go challenges!

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