Colors of the Wind and Creatures Geats

As I promised earlier today, it’s time for a bonus update about my C3/DS Geats! Perhaps the most riveting development was the fact that Rhodite actually moved. Her mind came back to reality when she recognized her son, Terne. No one could miss him in a crowd! She actually stopped complaining for a short time while she moved around and actually ate a few pieces of food. Progress! I was hopeful that Rhodite would have a few more babies, if only she could pull herself together. I would have approved of several other Colortrue Gaius in the same color scheme as Terne! Yet Rhodite stopped, and complained.

The first order of business, however, was the egg from Tombac and Nisil. He was a sort of rosy light copper, while she was a simple gray silver. The result? A lovely lavender color! Kovar was just about the handsomest color variation yet. He was bold, but subtly stated. This world was still only producing the second and third generation! Likely the colors will meld together and homogenize eventually, yet it looks like that will take some time. Even with so many Geats going about life in the Banshee Bridge, it didn’t feel all that crowded. Kovar had himself a tentative walk across the corridor before he was introduced to some of his new friends! The other nice thing about this group was how non-violent they were. Nice, peaceful Geats. Pink and purple colors were getting somewhat dominant, but I was not about to complain. I’m not Rhodite. Ha!

My wish for a baby from Rhodite sort of came true! Tumbaga was last left with a mystery egg, whose father I kept a secret. Well, with Ormolu’s bright green color, I think it’s quite obvious that Terne was her father! She looked like she would be more at home in a forest or jungle, although she was perfectly fine with her appointed home. She hung out in one corner where the stars were close by. It almost looked like she was gazing off into space and wondering what those bright lights were. Ormolu’s mother, Tumbaga, actually left her egg for a bit but returned just in time to be the first Geat her daughter met! Seeing all of the different Colortrue Gaius makes me wonder if I should work on a new color pack… Or even attempt another project on an entirely different breed. Yet I’m busy enough!

Nisil was at it again! She clearly had a preference for the copper colored males, for Galfenol was to be a father again. It was her fault for producing many offspring of similar colors, yet they were too nice to not want. If Nisil was giving birth to rusty, boring colors, I might have thought differently. That’s the beauty of Ylukyun’s Colortrue genetics! As with the behavior of Creatures, colors are completely unpredictable. Vitallium tagged along with the budding romantic couple. Although she looked like she was related, she had a completely different set of parents. Part of me hoped for a slightly more silver or gray baby… It was a long shot, though!

Sometimes, Creatures gives you a perfect photographic moment that looks silly and completely contradictory. Tombac and Kovar were heading in opposite directions, yet it looked like they had gotten their necks twisted together! Together with Tombac’s statement of, “Tombac approach something” without actually moving, it looked like they were stuck together forever. “Forever” really lasted a couple of seconds, but it was still a slightly humorous moment! Much better than the whining of Rhodite. If anyone is wondering why the text looks different in my game, I use the Original Creatures Font.

Missed a few characters? Many of my first generation males had banished themselves to boring lives, for some strange reason. Elinvar and Megallium hardly moved, as they were apparently trying out to become C3/DS statues. Zamak and Alnica were at least part of the main group, although they showed very little interest in the females. Maybe the bright colors were just too much for their refined tastes! Maybe Zamak blended too well and no one could actually spot him in the shadows. In any event, there were still plenty of chances for them to pass along their genetic codes! Which color is your favorite? Would you be interested in another Colortrue breed, or even more Colortrue Gaius?

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