A Bright, Bright World with Colortrue Gaius

I never expected my C3/DS Colortrue Gaius to turn up anything other than metallic colors, but how wrong I was! The last time I visited with this population, they were finally settling into their new metaroom. The big mystery was the father of Nisil’s egg: Was it Galfenol, the dark copper male, or Tombac, the light copper male? Judging by Shakudo’s coloring, it should be pretty clear that he came from a darker colored father. He might have looked like a full grown Geat, but he quickly took up playing with the nearby robot like a happy-go-lucky baby. The only thing Shakudo hadn’t mastered was the language, although it was much easier to not let him learn! I already experienced some annoying conversation loops from time to time, and my other Geats who spoke in gibberish survived just fine. The robot knew what Shakudo meant!

On the subject of annoying loops, I present Exhibit A! Rhodite never stopped complaining from the moment she learned her words. Quite a terrible decision on my part! Even in her new home where there was plenty of room to spread out, she decided it was vital to stand still and proclaim every problem she experienced. Was Rhodite bored? Everyone knew. Was Rhodite hungry for starch? Everyone got an earful. Honestly, I never encountered a Creature like this before! The rest of the Geats who knew their vocabulary occasionally expressed their needs, yet it was never excessive. Complaints were the foundation of Rhodite’s conversations! No wonder she had so few eggs… No one liked her! I didn’t dislike her, yet it was difficult to put up with her.

One Geat who was not having any trouble kisspopping was Nisil! It had only been a few minutes since Shakudo was born, but she was at it again with another pregnancy. This time, it was Tombac who had the honor of adding his genetics to the next generation again. It was at this time that I realized I needed some sort of family tree to keep track of everyone. The breeding drought was officially over! Interestingly enough, the colors that were seriously lacking in the next generation were the simple blacks, silvers, and whites. It made sense with the other colors, yet this was going to be one very colorful population, and not exactly one matching the original metallic theme!

While I contemplated the slight population explosion we were experiencing, Tumbaga decided to complicate the situation even more! She was a little more maternal and stuck around her egg for a bit. There was no danger of it being damaged, yet I wasn’t about to spoil her fun. I was rather excited about this egg due to the possible color. The father will be revealed when the egg hatches! In fact, there will likely be a bonus update in a few hours with more news about these Colortrue Gaius! I doubt there will be anything as dramatic as an emergency quarantine, but colors should abound!

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