An Emergency Norn Quarantine Caught on Video

I promised a new video in my last update, and I decided to get it done rather quickly! Pipit was the main character, along with me basically sounding like a silly fool when he stopped eating. I figured this would be a pretty short video that might be bland… But then Creatures 1 did its usual thing, and I ended up capturing some very dramatic moments! Just a note that my method for helping sick Creatures recover is not the only way, nor is it the best. I think anyone can find flaws! C1 antigens are devastating if one isn’t accustomed to them. For beginning and advanced players, I hope this sheds some light on just what to expect when a Norn falls ill. I hope it helps!

The suspense will remain until you’ve watched: Did Pipit make it? Did he spread the illness? I’ll save a wrap-up of the events for a post several days from now. Not that I expect anyone to be on the edge of their seat with anticipation! I have laid out and planned multiple Creatures videos, and the only ones that really went accordingly were the ones not involving in-game footage. Which is precisely why I love Creatures: There’s no way to script it! Norns go about their business, and disasters strike randomly. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions! I’m always looking for ways to make Creatures videos more enjoyable!

A Sick Creatures 1 Norn: Inside the Emergency Quarantine

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