Stolen Eggs and Colortrue Explosions

Laying a Colorful Geat EggIf ever there was a camera shy Geat, it was Nicrosil! The last time I spotted her, she was hidden behind Glucydur. Apparently he proved to be a wonderful companion since she decided that he would make a good father! I was excited about this baby, since it was the first time that two green Colortrue Gaius had gotten together. With such unpredictable color genetics, I could only guess what the little one would look like. As it so happened, I was about to travel with the unborn Geat on a funny journey prior to its actual hatching. Nicrosil abandoned her egg shortly after laying it, which was only the typical Geat behavior. The strange behavior was just about to begin!

A New Colortrue Geat MotherThe recent births meant that the youngest Geat, Cryolite, was the baby. She did not take too kindly to being bossed around by the older Geats, so she was determined to have the newest egg hatch as quickly as possible! The youngster must have remembered how Inconel was present when she first entered the world, so she picked up Nicrosil’s egg and brought it straight to the older mother! Inconel had nothing to do but wait, although she humored Cryolite by standing over the growing egg and pretending to incubate it. Just when I thought my Geats had very dry personalities, something like this made me reconsider them entirely! Behind those seemingly dead eyes were humor and love.

New Geat Friends of Strange HuesMinutes went by as everyone prepared for the newest member of the group. In all actuality, no one was all too concerned about this egg, aside from myself and Cryolite. Out of that little egg burst the most brightly colored Geat the world had seen for awhile! Delessite was obviously the offspring of two green parents: There was no denying that fact! She was a lot more timid about her new surroundings, although she had a companion right next to her. Cryolite had the sense to welcome the new baby, rather than boss her around right from the start. Delessite even had some very… “Interesting” conversations.

I should briefly point out that the reason for the rather unusual swings in color is due to the way I set up the original Colortrue Gaius color genetics. I used the pigment rotation and swap quite a bit to get to the right colors, rather than simply changing the red, green, and blue values. Sometimes this makes a baby’s color seemingly random, rather than a strict mix between the mother’s and father’s pigments. The Colortrue genes do work properly, though!

Parading About and Coloring Up a Generation

Many of the older Geats lined up at just the moment that Stellite became pregnant! Although Electrum was present, it was actually the two twin brothers, Billon and Constantan, who were in the race. Who was the lucky father-to-be? Make sure to find out when the next Docking Station update is posted later this week!

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