Metallic Geats and Mechanical Grendels

If this lineup of eggs looks familiar, it should! I last mentioned my C3/DS technological world months ago, even before the release of the Colortrue Gaius. After backing up the world to guard against any immediate problems, it was finally time to stop anticipating and start enjoying! I vowed to treat this world as a true wolfling run, with no interactions between myself and the Gaius. Would I succeed in this? Those that know me know the answer!

The first Gaius to crack through his egg was Elinvar. His coloring was not anything unusual: He was of the silver color, which was created to be a Colortrue variety as close to the original Gaius as possible. Despite his rather run-of-the-mill appearance, Elinvar became the first Geat to play with the Mecha-Grendel. And so he ushered in a generation of hatchlings who were obsessed with the toy. Good thing it didn’t have the opportunity to break down, for it most certainly would have! Each of the eggs began to crackle and hatch, while Elinvar found his Mecha-Grendel in considerable demand. I had to laugh at the antics of these Gaius as they walked around like a connected group, led by a strange contraption. Not very different from Norn behavior!

Handsome Zamak, a black nickel Colortrue Gaius, was a pioneer. He was the only one to ignore the Mecha-Grendel in search of bigger and better things. The very first thing he decided to do was to use the Blue Intelligence Core, from the Portal Object Pack. Enlightenment was exactly what he needed! The only downside to this intelligence device is the fact that it can be used an unlimited number of times by each Creature. Sometimes one ends up dominating a group and keeping all of the language skills to himself or herself. Zamak didn’t seem like that sort of Geat, but he was only a few minutes old. Sometimes Creatures develop personalities as they grow up, while others remain somewhat unremarkable.

Zamak was definitely a Geat with a personality! He decided to try out his camouflaging skills, possibly because of all of the Mecha-Grendel noises. Had he not known better, he might have thought there was a whole army of those machines ready to terrorize him! He blended in quite well with the Holo-Wings and Spigot Plants, all from the original Gaius Breed Pack. If his nametag hadn’t been in plain sight, I probably would have overlooked Zamak! Since he was the only one away from the main group, I found myself having to really try to find him. I thought he might have been the first to travel to another level, but he was quite content to just have one entire side of the lowest level to himself. It may have seemed lonely, but the other Geats were just a few paces away.

Three Geats detached themselves from the toy parade, and gave me a chance to take a closer look at them. Tombac was of the copper variety, Alnica was of the gold variety, and Babbitt was of the nickel variety. They made a rather nice selection of Geats! Alnica and Babbitt grew quite close, and seemed to delight in copying each other’s pose. They were more like metallic statues at times, while Tombac wandered off in search of more stimulating activities. There are a total of six males and two females in this world by design. This will ideally increase competition among the males and help prevent one color from being too dominant. Changes may need to be made, though.

Rounding out the starting group were the final three. Elinvar was there, too, since he couldn’t escape from the Mecha-Grendel’s charms! With him were Rhodite, of the aged copper color; Galfenol, of the antique copper color; and Megallium, of the platinum color. Rhodite clearly stood out, though she was still inspired by a metallic element. Her color was one of the more difficult ones to get just right! I am very excited to have this world up and running at last! All except for that silly Mecha-Grendel…

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