Stories from the Creatures 1 Island

The Thoughts of a Grendel and a NornThe sudden death of Nildeleer was still unknown to Dahloi, who was hopelessly unaware of her absence. For his sake, I hoped he simply imagined her traversing Albia and enjoying herself. At least my lone Grendel wasn’t actually alone! Pfeffablel and Preetar made quick friends with him, and had different ideas of what to do next. Dahloi wanted to run and Pfeffablel wanted food. There was a reason for that: She was pregnant!

An Underground Cart and a HoneypotPreetar tiptoed away to take a look at the underground cart and its mostly concealed pot of honey. I thought he was investigating the food, but it looked more like he was ready to set off to escape any responsibilities! Silly Preetar didn’t know that the eggs always remained unhatched in my world so the generations could be easily separated. On the other hand, he may have been trying to figure out how Pfeffablel had become a Cart Norn not that long ago! There was, however, a much more pressing concern on the desert island.

A Serious and Somewhat Safe Norn InfectionAntigens hate me, and take it out on my Creatures all the time. I noticed that Losthrayte was listed as sick in the Observation Kit, so I went to investigate. Sure enough, she had a good dose of antigen 6, fever toxin, and an unknown toxin. This illness was one of the rare ones, though… Can you guess why? It was missing one very important element, as far as illnesses are concerned. No histamines were present, which meant that this illness was isolated to Losthrayte. At least that was a positive aspect! Yet Losthrayte was one of the Norns who was a terrible eater. Although her antibodies built up quickly to fight off the infection, she was still in danger with her low glucose level. It was a difficult battle, but I managed to get her to eat a couple of carrots. In just a matter of minutes, Losthrayte was healthy again and on the mend!

In Need of a Rest After Fighting Off an Albian AntigenOf course, all of that icky illness stuff made her feel terrible. I didn’t mean to offend her, but Losthrayte also looked pretty rough! It was an odd thing that this illness hit her on the desert island, relatively close to the last illness. I expect that I’ll want to take a much closer look at Creatures 1 illnesses in the future, as they’re still very much a mystery. For the time being, I was just happy that everyone was in good health! And after a little rest, Losthrayte made sure that everyone also looked pretty good!

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