Loading and Still Loading a C1 World

The Lovely Creatures 1 Loading ScreenDiscover Albia has been dark as of late, courtesy of a very odd issue. Shortly after my last visit to Albia, the game suddenly refused to load. If there’s one nightmare an avid Creatures player like me always wants to avoid, it’s just this sort of situation! I took some time off to work on other things, in the hopes that it was just a temporary issue that would resolve itself. When that didn’t work, I went in search of every sort of fix I could think of. I put hours into getting the game to run again, to no avail.

The Worst Way to Start Up CreaturesThe only slight glimmer of hope in all of this was the error message: “The system cannot find the file specified.” Digging deeper, this is the title image that’s right where it’s always been. Very frustrating! Yet the other positive is that I tried to run the game with other world files, all with the same result. That means Creatures 1 is nonoperational right now, but my Norns and Grendels are safe and sound! I will be making another effort to fix this issue shortly, possibly with a fresh reinstall.

In the meantime, feel free to catch up on some of the older archives of my adventures with Creatures! I have a storyline to continue posting about, although my main goal is to get back into Creatures 1 again. My only hesitation with a reinstall revolves around the fact that I have so many downloads and custom files in various locations. Mapping those files out will take a lot more time. Stay tuned for more updates! I may not be posting at the moment, but Discover Albia is certainly poised to have active posts again in the future! Here’s to a bit of luck in solving this very odd problem!

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