Playing the Creatures Numbers Game

The final chapter of this Creatures 1 generation meant that it was time to go into planning mode! I took a moment to look at the Performance Kit for the world that was coming to an end. The numbers were rather surprising, as they shed some light on the floating egg glitch. In total, the previous generation produced 33 Norn eggs (along with one egg that died with its mother) and five Grendel eggs, for a total of 38 natural eggs. However, two of those eggs took on the dreaded glitch. That led to the 36 natural eggs listed in the kit, and also appeared to explain why there were two current Norns listed, even though the world was empty. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, yet it seemed a little too perfect! Perhaps this was a step in the right direction to understanding some of the mechanics behind one uncommon problem with Creatures 1. The breeders score was always elusive, although it dawned on me that it might make for some sort of interesting contest!

Another sad fact: This generation could have been completed in a day or two, but I stretched it out for an entire year. Likely the next generation will go by a little more quickly, though the last thing I want is to lose the personal connection that I (and many readers) develop with these Norns and Grendels. Limited video updates could be a workable solution, though I promise not to make them all as long as some of the recent ones!

I narrowed down the next generation through a series of genetic analyses and family history. It is often difficult to keep a very diverse population when no new Norns are introduced. At this point, I have five males and five females set aside for the fifth generation. All of the Norns from the recently concluded generation have either one or two offspring to represent them, and there are only a few cases where half-siblings might breed with one another. I’m still on the fence about introducing new members into the group, although I would like to add two first generation Norns into the mix. Good idea, or terrible idea? That will still lead to a reasonable dozen Norns for the fifth generation, capable of producing a lot of babies! C1 Norns can certainly be prolific when given the opportunity.

My only final decision involves the Grendels. I plan to either keep one of Adaon and Arianllyn’s children plus a first generation Grendel, or start with a new line entirely. The genetics of their offspring didn’t look too promising. I enjoy all of my special needs Norns and Grendels to no end, yet the Grendel population is so much smaller. I could always experiment with a larger population, though I fear that would create a bit of competition for the spotlight. Or perhaps a Creatures 1 Grendel world would be ideal… A final decision will be forthcoming with an announcement soon!

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