A Brewing Storm of Creatures Sadness

Having Fun in Albia at a PriceThe plans for a good start to life were practically dashed for poor Thrennion, whose genetic mutations were more than I anticipated. Just look at that sad face! Luckily, he was actually doing a pretty good job of feeding himself and playing without knowing any of his verbs. The trouble was that he grew bored so easily, courtesy of the fact that his boredom increased every time an object came into view. Thrennion looked very upset, yet he was actually getting along decently enough! He was also the cutest little guy, so I didn’t mind in the least bit the requirement to stay with him a little longer.

Standing at Attention in Creatures 1Just like any Norn, Thrennion loved the honeypot! He drained it on several occasions, although I threw a couple of carrots in the mix to make sure he had enough starch. It turned out that his mutations were less of a problem than the floating egg glitch. Others were also focused on it, and there was a real problem in Albia. I debated exporting everyone into a clean world, as this was getting out of hand! Yet that idea had to be put on hold… Perhaps Thrennion’s sadness was a little more meaningful than I thought. The Observation Kit alerted me to a sick Norn, and things were worse than I imagined.

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