Adding Another Chapter to a Grendel Love Story

Two Very Different Grendel OpinionsThe relationship between Dahloi and Nildeleer, my two Grendels, started off as lovely as could be. Unfortunately, they parted ways on numerous occasions and never reunited very often. Then again, there wasn’t too much to be sad about: Dahloi was often very tired out by Nildeleer! They actually staged their own gathering without me knowing it, until I was looking through the genetics folder and discovered a brand new genome. They were expecting their third egg! Dahloi napped, while Nildeleer did her lovely “oogle” activity.

A Funny Sort of Irony in AlbiaOnce his nap was over, Dahloi felt suddenly refreshed and revitalized! He was very excited about the fact that he was feeling so wonderful, whereas Nildeleer was suffering a little bit. I supposed he was completely oblivious to the important task she had in front of her, while he could gallivant all over Albia! Still, it was a nice little respite he had from her usual nagging. They were inseparable again, and Dahloi looked like he was about to settle down with Nildeleer for good.

All Aboard the Creatures 1 ShipNildeleer went off in search of a watertight vessel that could bring the Grendel pair across the ocean. I noticed that she really was out of sorts, and simply not happy in the least bit. All of her vital signs were good, and no illness had tried to take her out. Perhaps it was just the aging process: Neither Dahloi nor Nildeer had entered old age, yet they were both just about 10 hours old. As I mentioned in my explanation of their genome, their life spans were set to approximately 20 hours. Plenty of time left! Dahloi promised Nildeleer that he would be just behind her… But as she called for him, he was nowhere in sight.

Down a Lift and Into SafetyI found the crafty little guy on another level, having made a quick escape! Some may have thought he was being extremely mean to Nildeleer, but this was their usual repertoire. As much as he tired of her incessant chattering at times, he was always sad when she didn’t find him after similar escapes. This time, he didn’t venture too far. It was only a matter of minutes before Nildeleer found his trail. Taking a lift ride down one level wasn’t all that difficult to begin with, yet she made it! They played together and really looked like they were planning on staying near one another for a long time. I was thrilled for them! So often they had been lonely, and now it looked like they could be happy for a long time. My only concern? That we might end up with dozens of eggs!

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