Creatures Blog Highlights: April 18

A Wonderful New Creatures BlogMany Creatures bloggers have been active lately! I promised that I would highlight some of the updates around the community, particularly related to Creatures blogs. Perhaps the most exciting news is the fact that we have a brand new blog among our midst! The Trial of Chip the Third is an exciting and very unique take on the blogging experience, written by none other than Chip himself. It’s in the form of a Creatures story, only it features interactive posts and a seemingly endless storyline. Now is your chance to follow it from the very beginning! Make sure to welcome Chip into the world of Creatures blogging, as he’s already given the community something awesome to read. I highly recommend checking it out! It seems that the subject, Chip the Third, certainly has the weight of Albia on his back!

A Very Active and Interesting Creatures BlogOne of the most active Creatures blogs at the moment is Designer Genes, owned and written by Kezune. Updated nearly every day, I find myself looking forward to the next posts! Accounts from Kezune’s Creatures 1 world and C3/DS world are posted in alternating order, making it a blog that speaks to all sorts of Creatures fans. Be sure to stop by frequently, so as not to fall behind on the adventures!

A Creatures Community Project for 2015Kezune also features other Creatures-related posts and projects, with the major new one being the Creatures Community Quilt Project 2015! This ingenious project runs through the end of the year, and will be completed as an enormous graphical quilt with squares from all over the community. Anyone can participate! This is a wonderful way to bring the community together and feature all sorts of scenes from the Creatures games. Make sure to read the guidelines, download the template, and submit at least one quilt square this year!

The Revival of a Much Loved Creatures BlogLast but not least, there is wonderful news for fans of Naturing :: Nurturing: Amaikokonut is back! There is an important post about policy clarifications, and an interesting account of her experience with the Creatures 2 Strategy Guide. Although there have not been any in-game posts up to this point, it’s nice to see the new updates! Just goes to show that there’s never any negativity when someone takes a break from blogging: Most of us are just eager to devour some more words and keep up with new developments! Welcome back, Amaikokonut!

In all probability, I unintentionally forgot to mention some other active blogs. Feel free to post a comment with other news from around the Creatures blogging community! I hope to post these updates a few times each month, especially to help new blogs find some more readers. Remember that new ideas, from the loftiest blog concept to the simplest agent, keep our community going strong. Thank you to all of the Creatures bloggers for doing just that!

First Image Credited to Gameware Europe
Second and Third Images Credited to Kezune
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