Creatures Blog Highlights: June 5

Finding New Programs for CreaturesIt’s been a long time since we saw the first installment of the Creatures blog highlights, and I’m excited to showcase a few new things going on at the moment! One of the most intriguing blogs is The Shee’s Lost Knowledge, which has been quite active lately. Not everything shows up on the blog, though, as there are a number of unique updates that can only be found on Twitter. If you have even the slightest interest in understanding the more advanced processes behind the Creatures games, I highly recommend spending some time reading through the posts! LoneShee knows a whole lot, and is awesome about answering questions.

Figuring Out Creatures Classifier IDs  with a New ToolOf particular interest, the following updates deserve to be highlighted:

  • C1/C2 Class ID Tool: A tool to find the classifier of any object (Details)
  • C1 Scriptorium: A program to extract all C1 scripts (Details)
  • C1 Point Position Tracker: A tool to see C1 coordinates (Details)
  • Netures: A program for an online Creatures 1 world (Details)

I’ve used some of these new tools, and they’ve been very helpful and useful!

The Second Update to the Artemia Sea MetaroomMy underwater world, Artemiidae, is heavily focused on the C3/DS metaroom, Artemia Sea. Good news: There is now a second update available at The Realm! Grendel Man worked diligently to make a few changes to the way that some of the living elements work. Make sure to grab the newest version! I’ll have to update the world of Artemiidae shortly to enjoy these new updates. Also take a few minutes to complete the CCSF 2015 Survey #1, which is the best way to share your opinions about the annual festival. Hopefully we can get things moving this year and put together something the entire community can enjoy!

Gearing Up to Follow a New Creatures WorldLastly, I always try to jump onboard right around the start of a new world. KittyTikara recently announced plans for a C3/DS Mobula world at the Mobula Ray! A number of special guidelines will be put into effect, all of which sound like they will add a bit of a challenging atmosphere to the game. Be sure to check back within the next couple of weeks to follow along with this new world! Who knows: It might even inspire you to start up a unique sort of C3/DS world! I love documenting my own worlds, yet following along with what other players do is really fun for me. This is precisely why I often encourage new blogs to start up… More reading material for me! Ha ha! Best of luck getting things started, KittyTikara.

There are other active blogs out there, of course, but I’m trying to spread the love by featuring different ones in these types of posts. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more of these highlights, and rotate in more blogs. Feel free to post a comment with any other news from around the Creatures community! If you’re thinking about starting a Creatures blog of your own, make sure to read through some blogging myths and my answers to the Creatures Blogger Challenge. Enjoy!

First Image Credited to Gameware Europe
Second Image Credited to LoneShee
Third Image Credited to Grendel Man
Fourth Image Credited to KittyTikara

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