Taking on the Creatures Blogger Challenge

A Simple Creatures Idea and How It All StartedWhile keeping up with the recent flurry of activity across several Creatures blogs, I read an interesting post by Kezune at Designer Genes. It seems like there are always more reasons to stay active in the Creatures community! I’ll also say that Kezune and I must be thinking alike, since her challenge is very much related to a rather massive project that’s coming to Discover Albia. All of the activity survey results are being put to good use! Back on subject, though, I wanted to complete this challenge, if only partially. Feel free to read bits and pieces, or the entire post, and then take up the challenge yourself!

Who Are You?

I’m Jessica! I started playing Creatures in 1998, although it took me a long time to really get into the complex elements. I also didn’t join the Creatures community until 2010, although I did browse through various sites back in the day. I’ve been a part of different areas of the online community, although I often gravitate towards commenting on different blogs. I live with my parakeet named Kirkwood, and I love reading Agatha Christie books. In many ways, I’m like an old lady!

Why Did You Start?

Discover Albia started on a whim. I thought I might be able to have a little fun documenting my playtime in Creatures. I had no idea what I was doing when I started: One of my first posts was about the starting objects in Albia, which was completely exciting material! I thought I might be able to talk with other Creatures fans and players via comments on my posts. Blogging was supposed to be a temporary hobby… And here I am nearly five years later, loving it even more!

What is Your Favorite Creatures Game?

This is a common enough question, and I can easily answer with Creatures 1. It was the first Creatures game I ever played, yet it has a very unique atmosphere. The background and sounds are very unique, while the Norns and Grendels require something not as prevalent in the other games: Care. The game is quite challenging in many respects, and also includes the foundation for CAOS and genetics. I love my Creatures 1 Norns and Grendels, and that comes from genuine caring.

What Do You Hope to Accomplish With Your Blog?

As silly as it may sound, I’ve always sought to inspire others to enjoy Creatures. That can be taken as simply as it sounds: My goal is to have fun writing about Creatures, with the intent to get others interested in the different aspects of the games. Some posts are fairly bland and simple, while others delve into more advanced functions. So long as I’m making Creatures fans happy with what I enjoy writing about, I feel like I’m accomplishing what I set out to do from the start.

How Long Have You Been Blogging?

Believe it or not, Discover Albia is poised to celebrate its fifth anniversary in less than a week! Although there have been a few breaks, that’s certainly a long period of time. My apologies to new readers who want to read everything!

Why Do You Continue?

At one point, I would have said that I continued blogging to give something to my readers. Although I do keep everyone else in mind, I have a slightly more selfish reason to continue: It’s what I love to do! A trap that some bloggers fall into is to focus on the most popular topics, which aren’t necessarily what they enjoy the most. However, a big part of what keeps me going is all of the positive feedback and comments I receive. Thank you to each and every reader out there!

What Challenges Did You Face as a Blogger?

Over the years, I’ve struggled with times when I lost interest in Creatures. I think many of us experience that, and it’s normal! Taking a short break has always revitalized my passion for blogging. I also went through some technical challenges with updating features and the layout, but fortunately those are in the past! Fortunately, negative comments have been so few and far in between that I wouldn’t even say that they posed a problem. This is a friendly community!

What Challenges Do You Face Now?

Time constraints are my biggest challenge. I try to keep Discover Albia updated as much as possible, which usually amounts to one or two posts per day. Starting projects is also easy… It’s finishing them up that can be a challenge!

What Milestones Have You Made?

There are nearly 650 posts at Discover Albia, which is always a moving milestone! The fifth anniversary is also a pretty big milestone for me. However, I consider small events to be more important milestones. For instance, it’s always an honor to be listed on another blog, either as a link or within a post. I’ve also hit the milestones for achieving some of my very first creations and releases, although something more akin to a big release is still a milestone to be achieved in the future!

Does Your Participation in Any Forum Influence Your Activity on Your Blog?

I used to be a member of several Creatures forums, although I am no longer a part of those sites for various reasons. New blog posts from others sometimes influence what I focus on, especially if they’re subjects that I have an interest in! This is why I’ll sometimes reference another blog as the inspiration for a specific post. The conversations are all out there! I still write about what interests me the most, yet other blogs have more influence than they may think. And that’s a good thing!

Looking Ahead to the Future of Creatures BlogsThis only accounts for several of the writing prompts proposed by Kezune, yet hopefully this example might help others get started! I started Discover Albia knowing very little about what I was doing, except for the fact that I knew how much I loved Creatures. I still make mistakes, and do I really know what I’m doing now? Nope! I have a system down for many aspects of this Creatures blog, yet I still have fun figuring things out and finding new topics to write about. My best advice to Creatures bloggers, new and old, is to find what you love about Creatures, and write about it. Be happy with what you post, and the rest will all work out!

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